Page 13 - Book one - Flipbook
P. 13


                                                  A New Day

               JAXON WAKES UP, a bit groggy, thinking, Magic powers? Did Raimy actually say magic powers?
               She definitely said magic stuff will happen today. One thing I know is gonna happen is I get to

               play ball with my dad and hopefully go for ice cream or a movie afterwards.
                   He stretches, jumps out of bed, and immediately notices a few things are missing. His laptop
               for one. It was sitting on the table next to his bed.  He wonders, Did Raimy borrow it? No, she
               would have said something.

                   What else is missing? The pencil sharpener is not sitting on the desk next to the pencil and my
               journal. And where are my tennis shoes?
                   He looks in his closet and not only are his tennis shoes missing, all of his shoes are gone!
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