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                                       Grant Adlam

          The year 2020 has bought with it many challenges with change being a constant response.
          I’ve had numerous calls from the business sector asking me how I have survived while other
          publishers have not. The answer to that question is quite simple. Since our origins in 1998, we
          have always been evolving as a publishing house.
          The KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio has been in publication for 22 years. We started
          marketing content in 1999 and that’s what we still do today. KZN Top Business specialises in
          putting good news and product information in the public domain by using print media, the
          internet, social networking platforms, mass email tools and more recently video content. It’s this
          multifaceted approach to content management that makes us successful as a publishing house.
          For businesses to engage and collaborate with all stakeholders and other entities, the need for
          effective channels of communication is emphasised. In line with our publication’s name and in
          our efforts to be more effective, we have decided to limit our 2020 content to being inclusive of
          private sector enterprises only.
          Annually, the printed publication is produced for ease of distribution and promotion purposes and
          is much in demand. The electronic flipbook is widely utilised, distributed and accessed globally.
          The Portfolio’s ongoing success has been achieved using a comprehensive and well optimised
          multimedia website. We are very proud to launch our brand-new website in 2020. Please visit

          This new KZN Top Business website will ensure that we can keep up with the latest trends in
          digitisation. The site is easy to navigate as well as being mobile friendly.
          News, developments and opportunities are highlighted through emails sent via an established
          database. All previous articles are archived on the Top Business website for reference.
          In addition, a variety of social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ensure
          that we can blog content to reach a wider audience. As well as more brands utilising videos,
          consumers are now watching more videos than before. Our Youtube channel has been an
          essential  addition  to  showcase  both  businesses  and  business  leaders  in  the  province  of  KZN.
          Finally, I wish to thank all those who have advertised, and who have contributed information,
          spent time in front of our cameras, as well as those who have assisted in putting together this
          edition of the KZN Top Business Portfolio.

                            Publisher of the KZN Top Business Portfolio,
                                       Grant Adlam
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