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                                      Judith Nzimande

          The KwaZulu-Natal Business Chambers Council (KBCC) is the representative voice of organised
          Business in KwaZulu-Natal.
          Members include the Durban Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Minara Chamber of Commerce,
          the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business, iLembe Chamber of Commerce, the Zululand Chamber
          of Commerce, the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce, the Kokstad Chamber of Commerce, the KZN
          Youth Chamber of Commerce, FABCOS and Escort Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Newcastle
          Chamber of Commerce, National African Chamber of Commerce (NAFCOC), NAFCOC KZN (Youth),
          and the South Coast Chamber.
          The Chambers are represented at the KBCC by their presidents and chief executive officers. The
          chairman of the KBCC is elected from the chamber member’s presidents and its members play an
          active part in the Economic Task Teams outlined in the chapters of the KZN Social Accord.
          KBCC’s objective, and that of our members, is to build KwaZulu-Natal into a business powerhouse
          that is an attractive destination for investments.
          The KBCC is a conduit for the flow of information on matters pertaining to business in the province,
          represents member chambers, and lobbies on behalf of its constituents, to provincial government.
          Through  the  KZN  Economic  Council,  the  KBCC  also  provides  input  on  economic  growth  and
          strategy to provincial government. Organised Business participates in the KZN Economic Council
          to understand the policies and priorities of provincial government and assists in driving a common
          resolve of the social partners to grow the economy of KwaZulu-Natal.
          Together as Business, Government, Civil Society and Labour we work to make KZN attractive for
          foreign direct investment while not losing sight of the local potential investment from other regions
          of southern Africa.
          KBCC again congratulates the KZN Top Business Portfolio on their annual publication. The Portfolio
          is an excellent initiative that highlights the investment potential of KZN and the successes of
          businesses operating in the province. The publication is in line with the aim and objectives of the
          KBCC and its members, and we consider it a practical means of sourcing much needed up-to-date
          business information in KZN.
                          Chairman of the KZN Business Chambers Council
                                     Judith Nzimande

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