Page 5 - STANDARD BANK KZN TOP BUSINESS AWARDS Supplement-Mercury - eBook 2021
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Woodford Car Hire transported the guests to and from the ONOMO Hotel in style.  L-R: Irfaan Cassim, Kuben Chetty, Michelle Bennett, Sidney Reddy, Imraan Noorbhai and Hameed Noormahomed

                                                         Woodford Car Hire is proud to be associated

                                                                             with the KZN Top Business Awards

                                                       As a company that prides itself on always going beyond to deliver
                                                      the best possible offering, Woodford recognises and congratulates
                                                                      the recipients for achieving excellence in their business.

                                                                         WOODF ORD CAR HIRE
                                                        We're always aiming higher.


          WWW.WOODFORD.CO.ZA                                     #1 Rated Car Hire Company in South Africa

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