Page 8 - STANDARD BANK KZN TOP BUSINESS AWARDS Supplement-Mercury - eBook 2021
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L-R: Hameed Noormahomed; Devin Heffer Brand and Communications
                                                                                                           Manager · Hollywoodbets and Sidney Reddy, Head of Business
                                                                                                           Acquisition at Standard Bank
                                                                                                         BATTLE OF THE

                                                                                                         BRANDS KZN

                                                                                                                he outbreak of      that are selected and in the
                                                                                                                COVID-19 has        large number of votes cast.
                                                                                                          Timpacted on              All the brands have won
                                                                                                           society and the economy   the support of their
                                                                                                           causing us to rethink    employees, clients, family
                                                                                                           our consumer behaviour   and friends and the votes
                                                                                                           and our contributions to   received are a testament
                                                                                                           our society. Over the last   to these accomplishments.
                                                                                                           year many well-known     The 2021 top 20 brands
                                                                                                           brands have had to adapt   are:
                                                                                                           to a new normal and have
                                                                                                           done so with distinction.   1.  Hollwoodbets
                                                                                                                                    2.  Blue Security
                                                                                                           KwaZulu-Natal is home to
                                                                                                           a large number of brands   3.  Plennegy Group
                                                                                                           that have been home-     4.  Beekman Group
                                                                                                           grown and driven from    5.  Tyson Properties
                                                                                                           within the province. Many   6.  East Coast Radio
                                                                                                           of these companies have   7.  Boxer
                                                                                                           long histories and they   8.  Hirsch’s
                                                                                                           continue to expand their
                                                                                                           footprints today.        9.  Spar
                                                                                                                                    10. Illovo Sugar South Africa
                                                                                                           The Standard Bank KZN
                                                                                                           Top Brand award is much   11. Woodford Group
                                                                                                           coveted and celebrates the   12. SLG (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                                           efforts these businesses   13. The Sharks
                                                                                                           have put into their      14. Imperial Amour
                                                                                                           branding and marketing.   15. International Bank
                                                                                                           The Top Brand accolade is      Vaults (IBV)
                                                                                                           awarded solely by public   16. Supertech Group
                                                                                                           vote and is contested
                                                                                                           over several weeks. The   17.  Shelley Residential
                                                                                                           interest in this category   18. Icebolethu Group
                                                                                                           is especially reflected in   19. DRG Outsourcing
                                                                                                           the huge range of brands   20. Siyaya Power Solutions

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