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Poison Center Staff

          Director: Elizabeth J. Scharman, Pharm.D., DABAT*, BCPS**, FAACT`

                         Professor, WVU School of Pharmacy, Department of Clinical Pharmacy

          Medical Director: Michael G. Abesamis, M.D., ABEM‐MT^

          Back‐up Medical Directors: Michael J. Lynch, M.D.,  ABEM‐MT^

                                            Anthony F. Pizon, M.D., ABEM‐MT^, FACMT+

                                                             Joshua A. Shulman, M.D., ABEM‐MT^

                                            Joseph H. Yanta, M.D., ABEM‐MT^

          Supervisor of Opera ons: Jamie R. Nisbet, BSN, MSN, CSPI#, AHLS##

          Logis cs Supervisor: Ryan S. Aliff, BSN, CSPI#, AHLS##

          Cer fied Specialists in Poison Informa on: Sue A. Acord, BSN, CSPI#

                                                                 Pamela J. Chase, RN, CSPI#

                                                                 Nicole D. Clendenin, BSN, CSPI#

                                                                   Kenneth G. Haught, BSN, CSPI#

                                                                 Wille e K. Haught, RN, CSPI# (re red 11/2018)

                                                                 Britney L. Hill, BSN, CSPI#

          Community Outreach Coordinator: Carissa E. B. McBurney, MPA

          Administra ve Assistant: Monique Sypolt, BA (through 10/2018)

          *Diplomate: American Board of Applied Toxicology **Board Cer fied Pharmacotherapy Specialist
          `Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Toxicology

          ^American Board Emergency Medicine /Sub‐board: Medical Toxicology  +Fellow, American College of Toxicology

          #Cer fied Specialist in Poison Informa on  ##Advanced Hazmat Life Support

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