Page 4 - Randle Communications - 2017 Digital Influencer Report
P. 4


           During the 2017 race to move legislation through the state Assembly
           and Senate by September 15, Twitter was used heavily to engage and

          advocate for and against California’s most significant policy proposals.

         Lawmakers, the Capitol Press Corps, interest groups and Governor Jerry
             Brown weighed in on the social media platform. Twitter has quickly

           become the go-to forum for lawmakers, interest groups, associations

            and the public to engage on the top political and policy issues taking
                                          place in the state capitol.

       Sacramento’s top public relations and public           While relationships among lobbyists and
       affairs firm, Randle Communications                    lawmakers continue to be king, social
       researched, measured and analyzed End-of-              media creates momentum, amplifies
       Session activity and analytics from Twitter to         constituent voices and mobilizes coalitions.
       explore the impact of digital advocacy on              The research also found that while some
       legislative outcomes. The research and                 issue groups and campaigns are using social
       findings highlight why in today’s climate,             media, many are not.

       it’s mandatory to employ a digital advocacy
       program along with traditional lobbying and
       public affairs efforts.

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