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          Virgin Orbit mission goes off without a hitch

           MOJAVE, Calif.—Virgin Orbit confirmed
          it successfully deployed into orbit all 7 cus-
          tomer satellites onboard its LauncherOne
          rocket during the June 30, 2021, Tubular
          Bells: Part One mission.
            Virgin Orbit’s 747 carrier aircraft Cosmic
          Girl took off from Mojave Air and Space Port
          at approximately 6:50 a.m., PDT, and flew out
          to a launch site over the Pacific Ocean, about
          50 miles south of the Channel Islands.
            After a smooth release from the aircraft,
          the LauncherOne rocket ignited and propelled
          itself towards space, ultimately deploying its
          payload into a precise target orbit approxi-
          mately 500 km above the Earth’s surface.
            LauncherOne carried seven satellites to
          Low Earth Orbit for this rideshare mission:
          four R&D CubeSats for the U.S. Department
          of Defense, two optical satellites for SatRevo-
          lution, and the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s
          first military satellite.
           “Two successful launches and two groups
          of happy customers in five months really
          speaks to our team’s abilities. They’re mak-
          ing air launch look easy — and I can tell you
          from experience that it’s not,” said Virgin
          Orbit CEO Dan Hart. “We can now proudly
          say that 17 satellites launched by our system
          are up in space exactly in their target orbits.
          We’re looking forward to growing that num-
          ber tremendously as we push to ramp up our
          flight cadence in the coming months.”
           “What an unforgettable experience to be
          here in Mojave to watch the Virgin Orbit team
          complete another perfect mission to space.
          Everything went exactly to plan and the fact
          that we dropped the rocket from our 747 at                                                                                          Virgin Orbit photographs
          7:47 a.m., PDT, made it particularly fitting.                                                                   Top: Virgin Orbit’s carrier aircraft Cosmic Girl
          Perfect timing!” said Virgin Orbit founder                                                                      takes off from Mojave Air and Space Port
          Richard Branson. “We had customers here                                                                         in California with LauncherOne underwing
                                                                                                                          for the company’s Tubular Bells: Part One
          from three countries and I congratulate all of                                                                  mission. June 30, 2021. Above: Virgin Orbit’s
          them and all of our wonderful team.”                                                                            LauncherOne rocket undergoes a cryo load
           Tubular Bells: Part One is named after the                                                                     test prior to the company’s Tubular Bells, Part
          first track on Mike Oldfield’s 1973 record Tu-                                                                  One mission. Left: A screenshot of the Virgin
          bular Bells, the album that inspired Richard                                                                    Orbit livestream from the June 30 launch.
          Branson to create Virgin Records and the first
          ever released by the label.

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