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October 13 – 15th, 2019

                                                                                 Renaissance at Seaworld
                                                                                          Orlando, FL


                                         •  Rich, valuable content, includes class slides
                                            and tip sheets

                                         •  Play with the latest tools in our trade-craft

                                         •  Network with like-minded professionals

                                         •  Practice power searching for crisis events

                                         •  Learn OSINT skills from the best in the trade

                                         •  Understand the legal and ethical

                                            boundaries in open source practices

                                         •  Meet vendors providing service to our industry,
                                            check out their OSMOSIS exclusive offers                   #deepdiver

         Social Media and Open Source Investigations Taught by Internationally Respected Trainers

             Previous conference topics:

           • Practical OSINT: Protecting Yourself

           • IOT Devices, Untapped Digital
           • Hacking Meet-Up/Hook-Up Apps
           • Anonymization and De-Anonymization

           • Public Records for Skiptracing & Asset
           • Virtual Currency Investigations
                                Special discount code: 19NCISS

                                                                Data2know subscribers save $100 and register for just $899
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