Page 6 - NCISS Your Advocate August 2019
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NEW - NCISS Member Referral Program!

                            FOR YOUR NCISS NEW MEMBER REFERRALS?

        From the NCISS Board, as enacted by (Past) President, Brad Duffy in March 2019:

        I know there’s been a lot of discussion in the past about promotions and incentives

        for members who recruit new members. I think it’s well overdue that we implement
        such a program.

        I have decided that effective immediately we are going to offer a membership credit
        to any NCISS member in good standing that signs up a new member.  The credit
        will be $25 per each new member that enrolls, and will be capped at $175, which is

        the cost of annual membership.

        Many new members come to NCISS through an existing member, and for that we

        would like to say Thank You.

        Program Rules:
        - The new members cannot have been NCISS members in the past two years;

        - Must be approved as a member prior to credit being issued;
        - New member must name referral on the application (only one referral name per
        new member); and

        - Referral credits have no cash value. Credits will be directly applied to the active
        members account to be applied on the next NCISS membership renewal fees.
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