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“This conference was
                                       “ O p e n   S o u r c e                                   worth every penny. There

                                                                                                 is great value in listening
                                         I nve s t i g a t i o n s   t a u g h t
        Join your colleagues at the                                                              to experts and peers with
        annual OSMOSIS Conference.       by   t h e   n a t i o n ’s                               new ideas and learning
                                                                                                        new ways of doing
         Developed by OSINT (Open
                                         m o s t   r e s p e c t e d   t r a i n e r s ”         traditional investigations.”
                 Source Intelligence)
                                                                                                Thomas Lancaster
       investigators for the legal, law
                                       “OSMOSIS provided
          enforcement, investigative,
                                       knowledgeable speakers      • Network with like-minded     • Learn OSINT skills from the
           business, and accounting                                 professionals                   best in the trade
                                       with outstanding training
            community, this event will  material. There were       • Practice power searching for  • Fortify your OPSEC, and
                                                                    crisis events                   learn to stealth online
          bring you the most cutting-  many networking
                                                                   • Play with the latest tools in our  • Understand the legal and
            edge methodologies and     opportunities to create      trade-craft                     ethical boundaries in open
             power techniques to get   friendships and help        • Meet vendors providing services  source practices
                                       move your game plan          to our industry, check out their  • Fast, easy fact checking and
        actionable search results with
                                       forward. I highly            OSMOSIS exclusive offers        verifying with open source
       ease from your own computer.                                                                 techniques
                                       recommend attending an      • Rich, valuable content, includes
                                                                    class slides, tip sheets, and
                                       OSMOSIS conference.
                                                                    formula reports
                                                     Jeffrey Vitrano
                                      w w w . o s m o s i s c o n . c o m

                                                                                                   “This was one of the
                                                                                                   most informative and
                                                                                                   educational conferences
                                                                                                   I have attended. I met so
                                                                                                   many talented and
                                                                                                   wonderful people. The
                                                                                                   networking sessions
                                                                                                   were invaluable.”
                                                                                                                Charles Kafami

                                                                                      save  the  date
                                                                                    October 7-9th, 2018
                                                                         Excalibur Hotel and Convention Center

                                                                                        Las Vegas, NV

                                                                                 for details

               “Simply a fun and      S P E C I A L   D I S C O U N T   C O D E
               enjoyable learning        Save $100 off
              experience. I made
                                       registration with
               friends with fellow
            investigators and will             code:
                be able to stay in
                touch and obtain
              advice/solutions as        ANCISS
                    issues arise.”
         David Knutson
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