Page 5 - NCISS Your Advocate February 2018
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From the Vice Presidents…

                       – Brad Duffy, 1  Vice President
                       As the 1st VP for NCISS as well as Conference Committee Chair and Security Legislative Chair. I have
                       been working heavily with the Conference Committee in planning our 2018 Hit the Hill event in March.
                       We have a wonderful conference planned. Both NAMEC and CII will be hosting meetings in conjunction
                       with ours, and we have a slew of wonderful speakers to hear.  I’m excited to see old friends and meet
                       new ones in March in our nation’s capital.

        I am excited for 2018 for NCISS.  I will be attending the National Security Alliance Winter meeting in New Orleans, and
        NASCO Roundtable meeting in Fort Lauderdale this February. I am hoping to learn a lot and network with others in our
        profession so I can share the benefits of NCISS.  The mid-term meeting and National Conference will be held in New York
        in November 2018. This should be a wonderful exclamation point on an exciting year for NCISS in 2018!

                     – Dean Gluth, 2  Vice President
                     I am excited about our upcoming Annual Meeting and Hit the Hill! “Hit-The- Hill” is fast approaching and
                     WE ALL need to register and plan our visits with our Representatives and Senators in Washington DC,
                     where we will continue to tell them about our very important mission while educating them about some
                     of our legislative issues and concerns.

                     The dates for this “Hit-The- Hill” are March 18-21, 2018 and hotel and conference details are at I am also excited about this year’s annual Mid-Term NCISS meeting – this November! This is being
        coordinated in conjunction with the “Northeast Super Conference” in Manhattan/New York City and it promises to be an
        awesome event with an impressive schedule of speakers and educators. The hotel and conference details for this
        magnificent opportunity will also be announced on our NCISS website soon. Please recruit some fellow investigators and
        security company friends and let’s make these next two NCISS functions the best ever.

                        – Andrea Orozco, 3  Vice President
                        March in Washington D.C. Have you ever seen the cherry blossoms in our nation’s capital? This year
                        the Cherry Blossom Festival begins March 20th. Perfect timing for our annual Hit the Hill.

                        Come join us for this memorable event. There is no greater reward in one’s career than educating
        those that create the laws that affect our profession.

        Take an extra day or two to take in the sights of the White House and National Monuments, but most importantly join
        investigators from around the country to make a difference!
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