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From the President…

                               We are known as "The National voice of the Private Investigation & Security Professions" and
                               for our trip to D.C. for Hit the Hill where we meet with law makers and represent the needs of
                               over 60,000 PI's and Security, but there is another side of NCISS members. We have been
                               there this year to help people from all parts of the country due to disasters caused by floods,
                               fires, mudslides, hurricanes and now winter storms and subzero temperatures. All our
                               members come together to help the needy.

                               We feel this year will be bigger and stronger with increased memberships and a much larger
                               attendance in D.C. when we meet in March for Hit the Hill. There are a number of new issues
                               to address with Congress this year. We are ramping up all details for Hit the Hill and preparing
        for a large attendance. Two other associations, with members also with NCISS, will be having their membership
        meetings at the same time, and some will join us going to The Hill on Tuesday March 20th.

        We hope by March we will be past the frigid temperatures and be done with the snow. Some years we even time it to be
        there when the famous cherry blossoms are blooming that week.

        As the 2017-2018 President, I would like to invite ALL members to join us and experience the great historical places of
        D.C., many have never had a chance to go to our Great Capital.

        Our itinerary is in the Hit the Hill Guide, found in this special issue of Your Advocate.

        -- Sunday March 18th, we will arrive and have a day for pictures around town followed by an informal welcoming get
        -- Monday March 19th, Board and Annual Meeting with elections, and evening welcome reception.
        -- Tuesday March 20th, breakfast and briefing for Hit the Hill. We will go in small groups and visit the offices of Congress,
        leave some literature and some will get to meet Senators and Congressmen. We will break for lunch in the US Capitol
        building. There will be a special presentation of the Duffy Award, and also Congressman David Young (IA) will be our
        speaker at the luncheon. In the afternoon we will all meet in a room for a debriefing session.
        -- Wednesday March 21st, we will have sessions with educational speakers, followed by the President's luncheon,
        awards and installation. In the afternoon we will have a New President's board meeting and then an informal farewell

        I hope you are as excited to attend as we are to have you be part of this unprecedented event with your industry


        Terry Myer, Sr.
        NCISS President
        (614) 864-0007
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