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PAGE 4                                                                                                           ROCKNATION ISSUE 26

                                                  I just watched the final episode of the Trailer Park Boy’s cartoon show. I admit
                                                  I watched it twice I was cracking up so hard I could not hear the TV. How cool
                                                  is it to be Robb Wells (Ricky) favorite band and be mentioned all through
                                                  previous TV shows?
                                                  The “boys” have always been good to me-ever since I flew out to Dartmouth to watch
                                                  them film the episode “I think you pissed yourself Mr. Layhee”.   Since then we’ve
                                                  toured western Canada together, I’ve been in “Countdown to Liquor Day” alongside
                                                  Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, been interviewed for their internet show SWEARNET,
                                                  and now I’m in their cartoon show.  They always take good care of me.  Not only are
                                                  they funny guys they are upstanding human beings, giving a lot of their money to
                                                  charity each year.

                                                  Please tell us any cool Trailer Park Boy’s stories on meeting them, appearing
                                                  on the show etc...
                                                  When the episode “Closer to the Heart” came out my phone started ringing off the
                                                  hook from people who had seen the show.  I contacted Mike Clattenburg, who at
                                                  that time was the director of the show, and we started an email friendship.  He was
                                                  a big Helix fan (as were the rest of the guys).  I asked Mike if I flew to Dartmouth on
                                                  my own dime if I could come watch them film, as I had never seen a TV show being
                                                  filmed before.  He told me, “No problem”, so I booked my flight and off I went.  They
                                                  sent a limo to pick me up at the airport and take me to the set where I was shocked
                                                  at the fact that they were as much in awe of me as I was of them.  Two days later,
                                                  when I went to leave, they shuttled me to the airport once again to fly home.  For
                                                  some reason I decided to check my luggage.  Good thing, because as a joke they
                                                  had stuffed a 14” tinfoil penis in it.  The girls at airport security got a big laugh out
                                                  of that.  One last note:  It was me who got Sebastian Bach on the show.  I ran into
                                                  Sebastian at Sweden Rock and he asked me to ask the guys if he could be on the
                                                  show.  I passed the request on to Mike Clattenburg, who at the time I don’t believe
                                                  knew who Sebastian Bach was.  Eventually they caught onto the fact however and
                                                  Baz ended up in several episodes.
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