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   Photo credit - Fran Strine
                                                                 I then asked Ripper if he could give me a quick summary of what each of
                                                                 his band members brings to the table with A New Revenge;
                                                                 “……ah….they certainly bring EXPERIENCE !! (laughter) I mean the
                                                                 thing about Rudy is that he is an amazing person and a great guy
                                                                  (yup, we’ve all heard that before   ), and this is the guy that was with
                                                                  Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio,... I mean it’s just amazing….his
                                                                  resume…………and then you have James, you know James is solid
                                                                  and goes way back with the Scorpions and Kingdom Come, and
                                                                  Keri….....well Keri really spearheaded the whole thing. I mean it was
                                                                  him and James that obviously drove the idea and I mean Keri’s work
                                                                   ethic (is out of this world) and he is THEEEEE marketing guy, I mean
                                                                   in the past with Project Rock, when we did meet n greets, I mean we
                                                                   wouldn’t charge extra and Keri would show up in a top hat and just
                                                                   sign stuff and hand out stickers, I’d say Keri really brings a great
                                                                   work ethic for sure.”

                                                                    Due to the fact that Ripper is known for multi-tasking and being in
                                                                    numerous bands at one time (the last count was 68    ), I thought it
                                                                    would be a fitting question to ask him about what he does to maintain
                                                                    his voice, energy and overall health. I commented that he must be quite
                                                                    disciplined, and asked him if he was into Yoga, healthy eating, and/or

                 “Well, yes actually I do (maintain a healthy lifestyle), I go to the gym every morning, so I actually do that, ….so that’s
        the one thing...... but at my age, it doesn’t always seem to work (laughter), but you know I do try to semi take care of myself.
        I’ve always done it and especially on tour….it was so much easier in the Judas Priest days ….I was much younger then and
        we had a nice schedule and we’d check into these really nice hotels and I’d go straight to the gym but now it’s harder when
        I am on tour…. but when I am home I make it a priority”

        I asked him about elixirs on his vocal cords and the industry and well, the short of it is this.

        “well I’m pretty lucky, I’ve never been a big drinker, I may drink a couple of beer after a show, .......but lately actually I’ve
        loosened up....... I may ask someone to bring me a beer during a show a couple of songs the Judas Priest
        days I never drank before or during the show......I may have had a couple after but that’s it. Now, if I do go out other than
        music, I’ll go to the Mexican restaurant up the street and if I had a couple of beer and too many Margarita’ would take me
        (literally) four days to recover and so I can’t have that interfere (with my life/career) and so I have to be vigilant.”

        Earlier in the day...actually about an hour earlier, I spoke with Keri Kelli to get his perspective on things and put his stamp on how he
        describes the new album. He responded this way;

        ”Well, I think it’s actually a hard rock, classic rock, sounding album,…….and the great thing is we recorded it over a chunk
        of time, about two years, and so we weren’t rushed or anything. It’s really a classic sounding commercial type hard rock
        sound with some killer guitar riffs and great melodies,... and Tim did an amazing job, I mean he is a Lord vocalist man and
        the singing (on Enemies & Lovers) is melodic, but there are the big screams and the metal stuff that people would expect,
        but it’s not all the time (constant)…… so I think it’s a bit different and something people are not expecting”

        I asked Keri if he thought there was a resurgence of hard rock and metal these days as former Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot members
        have also just got together and our doing gigs under the name Rough Riot in the L.A circuit or has it always been there but the ease
        of recording with home studios has made it easier to bring it back to the forefront once again.

        “Yeah, I think that’s it and a great answer, you said it; these days with home studios, and this project we did it that way, it
        makes it easier for friends to say hey dude let’s make a record and have some fun and create some art….. and they don’t
        have to go and get some 1 or $200,000 record deal and spend $3000 (day) for the recording studio (time/rental).”

        I decided to slip in a couple of questions a bit off topic so I asked Keri what is something that the average Keri Kelli fan wouldn’t know
        about, and what was his last day job.

        “Well in the rock circles, they obviously know me for playing in numerous bands for the past
        20 years, but maybe they wouldn’t know that I own a couple of scratch kitchen/ restaurants/ (craft beer etc) in Las Vegas
        where we make everything from scratch every day…I mean there are no freezers, it’s all made
        fresh each day……so I’ve been doing that for 10 years now”
        “well, that’s gonna be a real easy one (laughter)......I have never really had a job besides a
        paper route when I was about 11 years old. Since I was a teenager, I always played in bands
        and kind of stopped going to school (laughter)....and I don’t condone it (laughter) but believe
        it or not......that’s what I’ve been doing my whole life.”

        Well, there you go folks, A New Revenge is out there and the album rocks. I picked up my copy the
        other day and make sure you get yours!!
        Here is a little sample
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