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PAGE 10                                                                                                           ROCKNATION ISSUE 26

                                                                                                             Interview  with Paul Lidel

     Hello Paul Lidel of the 99 CRIMES band and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your “Self titled” 11 track CD available on Perris
     Records. Please name some of the new added tracks and what they are about.

     We are really excited about the album! It was recorded over a span of two years, We went in the studio 3 different  times and
     spent a total of nine days in the studio. The album opens with the song “Devil In Your Dreams” which is a song about when she
     wakes up angry at you for things that you did, not in real life but, in her dreams. The chorus is “I’m an angel in the daylight, but
     I’m a devil in your dreams”. I was cracking myself up when I was writing it! It’s just rock n roll, you gotta have some fun with it!
     We have a lyric video for track two on the album “Rumor” which is about how the word gets around and you end up being the
     last to know. The song “Move Like That” was a last minute addition to the album. It is about a night when my girl was showing me
     how she likes to dance to a nine inch nails song, and I wanted to write a song that would make her move like that, which became
     the subject of the lyrics and the title of the song. The song Crystal Ball is an optimistic song about looking into the future, it’s one
     of my favorites.

     You are known worldwide for playing in DIRTY LOOKS and also DANGEROUS TOYS. Have you had some of those fans find out
     about 99 Crimes and contact you?

     I’m pleased to say that the word is spreading fast about 99 Crimes! I went on the monsters of rock cruise this year and was
     pleasantly surprised at how big the buzz was about the band, it seemed like everyone I talked to knew about the band and was
     asking when our album was coming out. I just played at the RockLanta festival with Dangerous Toys last week and the same thing
     was happening there! I’m getting the feeling that there is a renewed interest in bands with an old school hard rock sound, like 99
     Crimes. For a while there I was afraid that real rock was dying out, but it seems to be making a comeback, even a younger
     audience is getting into bands like Gretta Van Fleet and Rival Sons which is the old school rock sound. I think the timing is
     perfect for 99 Crimes and our style of old school hard rock.

     What studio did you record these new tracks at and did you use a producer?
     We recorded all of the songs at 512 Studios in our home town, Austin Tx. It’s a fantastic studio with great gear and a really cool,
     laid back vibe. Our producer, Omar Vallejo is a wizard in the studio and is always fun to work with. He’s great at capturing the
     sound of the band and making it sound like we do live. We had been playing all of the songs live, except for “Move Like That”, so
     the recording went quickly. Working with a producer as knowledgeable and skilled as Omar enabled us to get a lot done in a short
     period of time.
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