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        You are  teaching singers the TRUE Bel Canto again for the year in Canada. How can someone contact you about
        Yes, I’m one of the last people in the world to teach the technique.  I started with my voice teacher Ed Johnson in 1976
        when I was diagnosed with nodes and told I would never sing again.  The technique was started with Leonardo Di Vinci
        and passed through the ages by word of mouth.   It is the only technique I know of that incorporates the act of “inhalation”,
        which is the key to singing without tension.  As you probably know, many singing careers have ended because of nodes
        or polups which makes this technique invaluable to singers.  I can be reached at

        Helix has some HUGE shows coming up all over the world, please tell us about that.
        This summer we’re playing festivals across Canada plus ROCK BARCELONA w/Def Leppard and ZZ Top in July and The
        Skogsrojet Festival in Sweden in August with Accept & Airbourne.

        What plans do you have for 2019?
        We’ll be starting a new CD as soon as this one is done. The new CD will be written by the people presently in the band.
        We’ll probably include “The Devil Is
        Having a Party Tonight” as one of
        the tracks. We released that song
        last year only on vinyl.  Other songs
        in the pipeline are “Not my Circus,
        Not my Clowns” and “Like licking
        honey from a thorn”.

        Thank you for taking time for this
        interview. Any last words to the
        Still enjoying myself after all these
        years.  Thank you to Helix fans
        everywhere for your support.

                           Photo credit - Robert Bursey
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