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PAGE 12                                                                                                           ROCKNATION ISSUE 26

                                                                                                               Interview  with Derek Davis
                                                                                                                     by Tom Mathers

                                                                                                          Hello Derek and welcome to
                                                                                                          Rocknation. Congrats on your new
                                                                                                          album  “RESONATOR BLUES” that
                                                                                                          will be released June 1st.  How
                                                                                                          pumped are you to see the music get
                                                                                                          to the fans?
                                                                                                           I’m extremely pumped about this
                                                                                                           Album, It’s been 2 years since my
                                                                                                           last solo record  “Revolutionary
                                                                                                           Soul” and in between Babylon A.D.
                                                                                                           put out “Revelation Highway”, so
                                                                                                           I’ve been pretty busy the last 24
                                                                                                           months.  This album was really cool
                                                                                                           to make, I finally get to play some
                                                                                                           slide guitar as well as sing the type
                                                                                                           of music I’m really into Heavy Blues.

                                                                                                           Will this be in a Digipak or CD jewel

                                                                                                           It’s gonna be a digipack and also
                                                                                                           available on all music platforms.

    Please name some tracks and what they are about.

    The first single and video that has just been released “Sweet Cream Cadillac” is a 1960s foot stomping, hand clapping, dancing at the hop type
    of up-tempo song, with a memorable slide-lead played on a Silvertone acoustic.  The Southern Hillbilly sound of “Jesus Set Me Free” is about
    two brothers on the South side of the Civil War play out on the battle fields, where “Robert E Lee”, “General Grant” and ‘Stonewall Jackson”
    come to life! The song is like a script written for a movie.  I wrote and recorded it on a 3 string Cigar Box Guitar.  The track “Penitentiary Bound”
    is a sad and true folk story about a father and daughter separated by the hell of the prison system dividing them. An old friend of mine my
    brother and my nephew inspired the lyrics of this song, The song “Mississippi Mud” is about finding the blues down by the Delta as the sound of
    Muddy Waters pulls you into a Juke Joint. The song will be the second as a single and video. The whole album Rocks but in a Bluesy way. With
    a wide range of influences like heavy Delta Blues, Americana, Folk, Hillbilly Twang, Southern Rock, Traditional and Jump Blues all into one.
    Bottleneck -Slide is prevalent on nearly all the tracks  accompanied by some blistering harmonica playing.

    Everybody knows you are the vocalist of BABYLON A.D. Let’s talk a little about the history of your solo CDs.
    “Re-volt” was my first album released in 2012 and was a heavy rocker with some great ballads and a remake of Desperate, I really enjoy
    writing, playing guitar and singing on this record, it was a long time coming.  “Revolutionary Soul” came out in 2017 and was my leap into the
    music I grew up on. It was heavily influenced by artists such as James Brown, Bobby Womack, and a host of other R&b greats.  I absolutely
    loved making this record, Every person I know that has ever heard it has told me how fukin cool it is, It’sgot some old funky soul but it Rocks
    too. Just listen too the first track on the album and tell me different… ha ha…

    Where did you record the new CD at?

    Here at my home recording studio I’ve named it “Southern Blood Studios” I have everything I need. I sent out a couple tracks that needed Piano.
    But It was all done in my playground of mayhem.

    Do you have a backing band to play live shows.
    Yes I do, and James Pacheco My drummer in Babylon A.D. is in the band as well as a really cool chick I auditioned named Ronnie Wagner and a
    great guitar player named Kyle Bates. The bands called “Hardcore Resonators”
    Are you playing any acoustic shows with you solo material?

    Yes, I have several shows coming up and I’m currently booked through September.Acoustic and band shows.

    What plans do you have for 2019?

    Like a great Rock band once said to “SET THE WORLD ON FIRE”

    Thank you for taking time for this interview. Any last words to the fans?
    Please Spread the word,and join my facebookpage, at
    Buy the record and come see the shows.
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