Page 10 - 18-19 Overbrook HS Student Handbook
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Visitors and School Building Security
        Cooperation and communication between the home and the school is very important, and we encourage you to visit your
        child’s school.  Doors are locked from the outside requiring all visitors to enter the school at the main entrance only.
        However, please be advised that anyone not directly involved with the daily operation is considered a visitor and as such,
        must comply with the following:

        ALL VISITORS (parents, friends, business persons, etc.) MUST REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO THE OFFICE and sign
        in when entering the schools.​  ​All visitors must show photo identification.  ​Graduates may visit teachers ​only​ with
        the teacher’s permission and ​only ​after regular school hours.  Thank you for helping us to maximize the safety of our

                                             Student Sign Out Procedures
        All parents/guardians must sign in with ID at the main office when picking up their child.  Students may not leave with the
        emergency contact unless approval from a parent has been given. Any time a student is picked up by someone not on
        their emergency contact information, two steps must be followed…
            1.  Parent/guardian must contact the front office by phone and explain why the student is being picked up by this
            2. Parent/guardian must e-mail the main office at ​​ to confirm that the
               student is being picked up by someone not on the emergency card.
        At any time, the main office staff may refer to administration if they feel that something isn’t right.
        Students who drive to school will not be allowed to leave without following the same procedures.

        Efficient and timely communication is a priority for Overbrook High School. The following sources are available to help
        facilitate open communication at all times.

                                           Web Site and Cable Channel 19
        Information about our schools and special programs can be found online at ​​ and Comcast Cable,
        Channel 19. Additionally, individual teacher websites are in use. Web addresses for these sites will be provided by your
        child(ren)’s teachers.

                                                     Phone System
        In order to maintain a more efficient communication process between the home and the school, Pine Hill Public Schools
        provides the convenience of a message board phone system.  The message system provides you with pertinent school
        information and allows you to leave messages for specific staff with whom you need to speak, which can free up the main
        office phone line for more immediate matters. Please refer to the staff list for specific extensions on page 6.  The system
        is in operation at all times, including evenings and weekends.  You may leave a message and your call will be returned by
        the staff member in a timely manner.  ​Should there be a need to speak with someone for urgent matters, please contact
        Overbrook High School Main Office at 856-767-8000, or the Superintendent’s office at 856-783-6900.

                                                   School Messenger
        In the event of emergency closings, delayed openings, early dismissals and/or other emergency situations, School
        Messenger will call the phone number on student record​.   In order to maintain up-to-date emergency lists, it is
        important that parents/guardians notify the Board Office immediately of a change of address or telephone
        number.​  This includes all addresses and telephone numbers of residence, work and alternative contact information.
        Please give one main phone number for all children living in a household.  This will eliminate duplicate calls when a
        Global Connect call occurs for various events.

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