Page 4 - 18-19 Overbrook HS Student Handbook
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Pine Hill School District Administration

                                           Dr. Kenneth P. Koczur – Superintendent
                                 Mrs. Heidi Daunoras – Director of Curriculum and Instruction
                                       Mrs. Deborah Piccirillo – Business Administrator
                                      Dr. Kimberly Seifring – Special Services Supervisor

                                      Overbrook High School Administration

                                                   Mr. Adam Lee, Principal
                                             Mr. Doug Endee, Assistant Principal
                                             Mr. Karim Fisher, Assistant Principal
                                             Mrs. Sheryl Smith, Athletic Director
                                           Mrs. Nicole Kerber, Director of Counseling

                                            DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL SERVICES
                                                 c/o Overbrook High School
                                                    1200 Turnerville Road
                                                     Pine Hill, NJ 08021
                                        Kimberly Seifring, Director of Special Services
                                            Desiree Marasa, School Psychologist
                                          Thomas Diaz, School Social Worker (PK-8)
                                          John Chillem School Social Worker (9-12)
                                            Lara Koenig, School Psychologist (9-12)
                                        Jennifer McCusker, Speech/Language Therapist
                                    Judilyn Weiserth, ​Learning Disabilities​ ​Teacher/Consultant
                                                   Robin Leavey, Secretary
                                                   Debby Barratt, Secretary
                                                 Gwen Ulatowski, Secretary

                                            DISTRICT MISSION STATEMENT
          The Pine Hill School District, in partnership with parents and the community, is dedicated to educating all students in a
                safe, nurturing environment in order to develop productive citizens who are committed to lifelong learning.

                                OVERBROOK HIGH SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT
          Overbrook High School is dedicated to providing academic programs and opportunities for every child to develop their
                    individual talents and abilities in order to be prepared for college and careers in the 21st century.

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