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Snowy Mountains, NSW
 o you ever feel like a 4X4 outcast, unwelcome and unwanted in places where you once roamed free? Well, at Snowy Wilderness, a 7200-acre property wedged between Kosciuszko National Park and the
Snowy River, you are welcomed with open arms.
As you bump your way along the private track, you are likely to encounter a herd of wild brumbies gazing at you with big brown eyes and swishing long,
black tails. At the horse stables, where the riding horses live, is the heritage woolshed and reception where you can check in and discuss your preferred activities, then you’ll be led by 4X4 to your private, secluded, high-country campground (or accommodation).
At the campground, you can roll your swag out on a cot under a bush shelter, settle into a seat by the fire pit, take a warm bush shower or, if you desire, sit and chat with one of the staff while they prepare a camp-oven or barbecue dinner for you. A short walk along one of
the self-guided tracks is in order if time allows, and once it is dark, star gazing under a black velvet dome smeared with a million twinkling lights is mandatory.
The next day, it is time to do some four- wheel driving. If the budget allowed, you would already have booked a tagalong tour on the Snowy Wilderness property. If the budget is tight, never fear because the Barry Way is nearby. This astonishingly beautiful scenic drive drops down to the Victorian border and, at 82km for the round trip, is an easy 4X4 journey. everyone should experience.
You’re spoilt for choice for things to do over a weekend at the Snowy Wilderness

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