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Your Beneit

It’s important to learn about your options because Nortek provides Options
many choices. Your Nortek beneit options include:

X A choice of medical plans

X A choice of dental plans
X A vision plan

Some Key Features
X Our health insurance carrier is UnitedHealthcare and the medical
plans are based on United’s Choice Plus Network

X Both plans are “account-based” plans which help you better
manage your healthcare costs and needs

X The plans recognize and reward healthy lifestyles; not only is in-
network preventive care covered at 100%, you’ll also be able to
earn money provided by the company towards your beneits by
completing some easy irst steps to improve your health

X The more you understand about your plans and how you get
reimbursed for services, the more cost-effective choices you will be
able to make; we’re providing a number of tools to help you study
and select the plans which are best for you and your family

Nortek Offers Four Levels of Coverage
X Employee only

X Employee plus spouse or same-sex domestic partner

X Employee plus child or children*

X Employee plus family*
* Dependent children are eligible through the end of the year in which they turn 26.

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