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Medical Plan
Options Medical Plan Options

The Nortek health plans are account- Generally speaking, the HRA plan has:
based health plans, which means you
will use dollars in a healthcare account X Lower deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums
to pay for some of your medical X Fixed copays for prescription drugs, ofice visits, ER, and urgent
expenses. The two plan choices are:
care which count towards your out-of-pocket max
„ An HRA—or Health Reimbursement X Higher monthly employee premiums

„ An HSA—or Health Savings The HSA plan has:
Account—plan X Higher deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums

The plans give you more lexibility—and X Signiicant tax advantages
accountability—to determine when,
where, and how to receive healthcare X No copays, but 20% coinsurance for prescription drugs, ofice
services and how to spend those visits, ER, and urgent care which count towards the deductible and
dollars . out-of-pocket max

Both plans are with United X Lower monthly employee premiums
Healthcare, and offer in-network
and out-of-network beneits. We use Once you satisfy any applicable deductibles and out-of-pocket
UnitedHealthcare’s Choice Plus plan maximums for the plan you choose, Nortek will cover expenses at
network, which includes 645,000 100%.
physicians and hospitals across the
How to ind a doctor or hospital: for the most up-to-date list

of physicians and hospitals in the Choice Plus Plan network, visit and select the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network.
Once enrolled, you will have access to and additional
tools and resources.

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