Page 2 - "I AM" School Newsletter - Spring 2020
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W            shington                                      ’s Weekend
      Washington’s Weekend

                                            Patriotic Play and Choir!

                                           This year’s school play was “Naughty Susan!” Set on July 8, 1776, in the living room of
                                           a Philadelphia Quaker family. This well-received play centered around the cracking
                                           of the Liberty Bell when it rings for Freedom. The daughter of the Quaker family
                                           blames  herself for  the  damage,
                                           since her hands were on the rope
                                           when  it  cracked.  The  Students
                                     followed the short skit with the singing of
                                     “Declaration of Independence.”

     Colonial Dancing and lots of laughter!

     This year  the  students  of the  “I  AM”  School
     showcased  three  colonial dances—Washington’s
     Favorite  Cotillion,  Oh Susanna,  Big Mountain
     Circle, and the favorite from last year the Virginia
     Reel—before  having  the  rest  of  the  attendees
     at  Washington’s Weekend join in the  merriment
     and laughter!
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