Page 4 - "I AM" School Newsletter - Spring 2020
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The coronavirus outbreak  has taken  its toll on   into  the online classes. Despite  the  occasional spotty
         daily life in almost every aspect in Siskiyou County, with   network  problems,  this  system  has  proved  effective  to
         one of the most heavily affected systems being schools.   keep the school on track.
         In  the  wake  of  government-recommended  isolation,  all      I think the best way to describe our new online
         schools in Mt. Shasta City have been faced with indefinite   learning is that we are making lemonade out of lemons,”
         shutdown,  and many  have  turned  towards alternative   said Shelley Blomberg, the school’s administrator. “I am so
         solutions in  order to keep  up  the  education  of  their   thankful that our teachers  have found a way to continue
         students.  Some schools have  been  adapting  to  online-  teaching their innovative curriculum online; and I am so
         based education, aided by the use of video call services   thankful that our students are very productive. But we
         such as Zoom and websites like Schoology.              miss our kids. We enjoy our time in the classroom much
                Mt.  Shasta’s “I  AM” School  took to this  almost   more than seeing students’ faces on a computer screen.
         immediately  after  the  shutdown,  developing  a  new   Even during this time away from our students we think
         schedule of virtual classes for the students to stay on top   about them all the time, and we pray that they are safe
         of their work while at home.                           and  healthy. So we are making lemonade  the  best  way
                Though the “I AM” School has an easier time than   we know how and hoping that we will see our students as
                most adjusting to the new circumstances, having   soon as it is safe to do so.”
                                           fewer    students,          The  school has  had  to  address  not  only  the
                                             the  trials still   cancellation  of classes,  but  of major events  such  as
                                              prove   to  be    recitals, presentations, and the end of the year junior/
                                              challenging  as   senior trip. The sudden absence of these plans has left
                                              the    students   disappointment in their wake, but students continue to
                                              from      Lake    look towards the future.
                                              Shastina  to Mt.   This situation  provides a new perspective  on daily life,
                                              Shasta  grapple   especially for those who are about to graduate and move
                                              with      their   onto the next phase of their lives.
                                              own    internet                                              by Alexis
                                              connections  in
                                              order  to tune     This article was printed in the Mount Shasta Herald, where our senior
                                                                  Alexis, has been working as a contract reporter for the past year.

                              AP Physics - 2020

                                   It is a unique opportunity that a school as small as ours is able
                           to offer and teach a college-level class to its students. Being one of the
                           students fortunate enough to take this class, it is safe to say that we are
                           all very grateful for the opportunity.
                                   Our teacher, Mr. Williams—who currently teaches his AP Physics
                           class at Century High School all the way in Pocatello, Idaho—has gone out
                           of his way to build his curriculum into our school. Considering we do not have him as our present teacher here
                           in Mount Shasta, he has offered to have video call sessions with us after school, in his own free time, to
                           ensure we are understanding every section and thoroughly prepared for the exam. Whenever any of us have
                           experienced difficulty grasping a certain concept, he has always given us the chance to improve by offering
                           makeup work and covering any problem of which we have questions.
                                   While it has undoubtedly posed a challenge in comparison to other classes, taking AP Physics has
                           certainly encouraged me and has given me further confidence to pursue and aspire to work in the field of
                           engineering. I will always be thankful to Mr. Williams, and Mr. Elrod for holding our practical labs, and all those
                           who have made it possible for me to take it this year.
                                                                                                              By Aidan
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