Page 5 - "I AM" School Newsletter - Spring 2020
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For science during quarantine we made short instructional exercise
        videos, using Adobe Spark. The object was to make it uplifting,
        include humor, to lift spirits of those feeling unsure about this
        situation. Our 7th graders definitely delivered! The videos were
        creative & AWESOME!...

                                                                         STAR JUMPS!

                              SIBLING SQUATS

                                              The Science of Staying Happy & Healthy!

          Interview with LORN                        BYRN
             AH               OF  ’ANG            IN  MY      H
        One of the advantages of being at home   interview  and  could  we  do  it  tomorrow!
        and becoming experts in Zoom learning,   We quickly organized our classes to allow
        is that we were most privileged to arrange   for it, and were truly honored to have her
        an interview with International Bestselling   greet and speak with us all!
        Author, Lorna Byrne, on her life experience
        walking  and  talking  with  Angels  who   Students  composed  a  question  each  for
        appear to her every day.            her, and Lorna shared her own personal
                                            journey,  as  well  as  her  wisdom  and
        This came about in a rather interesting way   personalized  messages  for  each  and
        - Miss Erika completed an oil painting for   every  student,  which  was  a  blessing  to
        the art exhibition of an angel (see previous   hear.
        page), and on completion had the feeling
        to  send  it  to  Lorna,  having  read  several   It was a truly amazing experience for our
        of her books in the past. On opening her   students, and parents. We are so grateful,
        computer  to  compose  an  email  to  her,   and  look  forward  to  when  Lorna  is
        there was an email mentioning Lorna in   traveling again and can come in person to
        her  inbox.  Sending  the  email  off,  it  was   visit us at the “I AM” School, and perhaps
        then  forgotten.  Several  months  later,  an   see our Angel Pageant at Conclave next
        email arrived from Pearl, Lorna’s daughter   year. We hold the picture!
        saying  that  she  would  love  to  do  the
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