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Officers                                               Arizona Chapter Office
                                                                            5015 N. 7  Ave.,
               Leonard Smith         President                            Phoenix, AZ 85013

               Gordon Moye           Vice President                        Phone 602-244-9168
               Dianne Brunswick  Treasurer

               Sue Wudy              Secretary                      PVA National Service Office

               John Tuzzolino        IPP                              3333 N. Central Ave., Ste. 1055
                                                                           Phoenix, AZ 85012
               Board of Directors

                                                                      Michael Wilson, Sr. National
               Joseph Chitty                                          Service Officer

               Leslie Craddock                                        Jacqueline Berkshire, Senior

               Joseph Hamilton                                        Secretary

               Nicholas Knapton                                       Phone   602-627-3311

               Richard Malena                                                   800-795-3582

               Diego Suazo
                                                                                  Attention All
               National Director
                                                                                  Readers !!!!

               Joseph Hamilton

               Sports Director                                    The Arizona Chapter has a Lending closet. Here
                                                                  you can acquire a power wheelchair, a manual
               Diego Suazo                                        wheelchair, shower equipment, aluminum
                                                                  walkers, canes, crutches. We also have Hoyer
               Executive Director                                 Lifts (manual & electric) Do not hesitate to call
                                                                  the Chapter office if you are in need of any type
               Peter Quinn                                        of equipment. We may have just what you or
                                                                  your family members need.
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