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               What is all this uproar lately about cleaning this and cleaning that?   It is almost laughable to me to hear
               that so many cleaning supplies are suddenly in short supply in the stores these days.  It begs me to ask
               the question “Weren’t we always supposed to be keeping things clean?”  Maybe I’m “old school”, but I
               can clearly remember growing up with the notion of needing to wash my hands before dinner or when
               handling food, etc.
               My mother had 8 children and did all the house cleaning herself until she taught us children to do our
               part.  We were not permitted to go outside to play on Saturdays until our chores were done, which
               included cleaning our rooms and any other room in the house that our mother deemed necessary.  No
               matter how many toys were scattered on the floor in the play room (which was technically the dining
               room, but turned into our play room……we never dined in the “dining room”, only in the kitchen!), the
               room was always clean, “lived in”, but clean (and, of course, we had to put the toys away in the toy box
               before going to bed).

               When you have 8 children, you definitely have to set rules to keep order.  Us children played outside a
               lot, and we rarely came home “clean”!  We had a good, healthy, fun childhood, but we wouldn’t have
               dreamt of just leaving our clothes on the floor.  You either hung up your clothes or put them in the
               hamper.  When you finished in the bathroom after showering or taking a bath, you better clean up your
               mess, as the next sibling is waiting outside to use the facilities.  These are simple, basic common sense
               courtesies that in the end make it easier for everyone.

               It doesn’t take much to “keep things up”, to take good care of things so they last longer.  However, if
               you let things pile up; you can create a disaster and you might start to procrastinate as to getting things
               done.  I’m guessing this is what’s happened to a lot of people.  Now because of the COVID 19 crisis,
               these people are all of a sudden thinking they better get busy and clean!
               Maybe the one good thing that will come out of the COVID 19 crisis, is that people will come to realize
               that keeping things clean is a basic necessity to keeping healthy, and, isn’t that hard to do.

               In the end, I have to say that I feel so lucky to have been raised by parents from “the Greatest
               Generation”.  They both worked so hard, didn’t have much in the way of material things, but they had
               plenty of just plain good common sense.

               Jackie Berkshire

               Senior Secretary

               PVA National Service Office
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