Page 10 - Labatt BTRC Annual Report 2020-2021
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23rd Annual Labatt BTRC
Academic Lectureship
The 23rd Labatt Lectureship featured the lecture titled “Towards a Canadian national program for comprehensive genomic profiling of treatment resistant cancers” by Dr. Marco Marra, PhD. Dr. Marra is trained as a geneticist, and has been involved in the development and
  10 IMAGINE 2020-21
Virtual event with Dr. Marco Marra
application of high-throughput genomics strategies, with special emphasis on large-scale DNA sequencing and bioinformatics. He has spent much of his career working within, and leading, teams to conduct large-scale high-throughput genomics projects. A current focus of his research activities involves the development and application of “next generation” sequencing approaches to characterize cancer genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes, with the aim of comprehensive identification of the genetic and epigenetic changes that drive cancer progression. With such data, and as co-Leader of the BC Cancer Personalized Oncogenomics Project, his objective is the development of a new generation of diagnostic, prognostic and treatment strategies to benefit cancer patients.

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