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Why, Next Fall, Distracted, The Pursuit   to continue his work with the Vivid
      Of Happiness, Melancholy Play, Pride’s   Stage family as a Production Associate
      Crossing and many others. Podcast     for Grief at High Tide! Bryan has always
      directing: The Weirdness, and Young   been a wearer of many hats,
      Ben Franklin for Gen Z Media. As a    experienced in everything from
      playwright: Life’s Work, What Stays   branding and motion design to
      (with Jason Szamreta), Whatever Will   printmaking, sculpture, and most
      Be, The Neighborhood (Book and Lyrics;   recently theatre work. He received his
                                            BFA in graphic design from Maryland
      Music by Joe Zawila), Brink of Life   Institute College of Art in Baltimore,
      (Book; Lyrics by Steve Harper; Music by   MD. When he's not designing, he's
      Oliver Lake), and Astonishment, How to   working as a theatre lighting electrician
      be Old: A Beginner’s Guide, and At    and production associate for Vivid
      Ninety-Three (Adaptations). Laura is a   Stage as well as other local NJ and NYC
      private monologue coach and holds a BA   theatres. Some of Bryan's favorite
      from Yale University and an MFA from   productions from Vivid Stage have
      Sarah Lawrence College. Laura is Chair   been Twirl, Life's Work and The
      of the NJ Theatre Alliance Board of   Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey.
      Trustees and a member of AEA, SAG-    He's excited for the opportunity to
      AFTRA and the Dramatists Guild.       create alongside fellow artists he's
                                            come to know and respect. Special
                Richard Willett             thanks to Zach and Laura for the
                (Playwright) is the author of   chance to live out this stage crew kid's
                the plays Triptych, Random   dream.
                Harvest, The Flid Show, and
                Tiny Bubbles, which have    Nabeel Jan (Assistant Director) is a
                been presented off-off-     freelance theatre and film director in
                Broadway and at theaters    the NY/NJ area. He's really excited to
                across the country. Honors   join Vivid Stage for his first show!
                include an Edward F. Albee   Previously, Nabeel has worked on
      Foundation Fellowship and a Tennessee   Kodachrome (Director), Oxycontin
      Williams Scholarship. His play 9/10   Follies (Director), Appropriate (AD,
      premiered last month to critical acclaim   Fight Captain), and Lost Girl (AD,
      off-off-Broadway, and A Terminal Event   Intimacy Captain) for Bucknell
      (Julie Harris Playwriting Award from the   University, as well as U Drop Inn
      Beverly Hills Theatre Guild and finalist   (Director) at the Cellunova New Works
      for the Woodward/Newman Drama         Fest and love i awethu further at the
      Award) received its world premiere in   Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center
      June 2022 at the Victory Theatre in Los   (Directing Fellow) He graduated from
      Angeles, where it was named by Stage   Bucknell in the Spring of 2023 with
      Raw as one of the best plays in L.A. that   honors in Film Studies and
      year. Richard is also developing a one-  International Relations. He is a 2023
      woman show about Ingrid Bergman with   Kennedy Center American College
      actress Annemette Andersen and        Theatre Directing Fellow. He would like
      director Henning Hegland, which is    to thank his family for their support
      scheduled to premiere next year in    and his dog for everything. Catch his
      Silkeborg, Denmark. He is an optioned   upcoming work at
      screenwriter who has twice been in the   Jeff Knapp (Sound Designer) is has
      Academy of Motion Picture Arts and    been associated with Vivid Stage since
      Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships Top 50 and   The Neighborhood, working on most
      a finalist for both the Sundance Feature   every mainstage production since.
      and Episodic Labs. He was also a finalist   Favorite Vivid Stage designs include
      for the Cynosure Diversity Screenwriting   The Other Place, 100 Years, The
      Awards, the Stage 32 Diverse Voices   Outgoing Tide, Shipwrecked, Dead and
      Springboard, and won the Lonely Seal   Buried, and Every Brilliant Thing. Jeff is
      Film Festival award for the best script   also the resident sound designer for
      with a disabled lead character.       Shadowland Stages in Ellenville NY.            He's worked at a bunch of small
      Bryan Clarendon (Production           theatres in the tri-state area and as far
      Associate) is a graphic designer by trade   south as Florida! Most recently, Jeff has
      with a soft spot for theatre. He's excited   designed multimedia and sound for
                                            Shotstakovich and The Black Monk.
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