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Who’s Who

            ~ Grief at High Tide ~        played Everett in the production of The
                                          Most Deserving. He is one of the
                 Andrew Binger            founding members of The Theater
                 (Christopher Larsen) is an   Project in Union, where he originated
                 educator, actor, director,   the role of Flan in the inaugural
                 and arts administrator   production of Six Degrees Of
                 from Newark, NJ where    Separation. Since then, his favorite
                 he serves as the Artistic   roles there have included John in
                 Director of Yendor       Oleanna, Lomov in Chekhov’s The
                 Theatre Company. Yendor   Proposal, Lawrence in For Whom The
                 Theatre Company is       Southern Bell Tolls, Mr. Fitzpatrick in
      dedicated to developing, producing   The Skin Of Our Teeth, C.B. in Defying
      and celebrating works by Black and   Gravity, and as the Reverend in
      Brown writers. Under Andrew’s       Crowns. Elsewhere, his theatre roles
      leadership, YTC has staged          include Billy Boy Bill in Urinetown, The
      presentations and productions all   Musical at the Bergen County Players,
      throughout the City of Newark,      Tuck in Slaughter City and Hud in Hair
      including the Newark Public Library,   at the Garage Theatre Group. Every
      the Newark Museum, Rutgers Newark   year, André also plays steel drums to
      as well as public outdoor spaces in city   put people in a Caribbean mood. He
      neighborhoods. He created YENDOR’s   proudly thanks the talent in his family,
      Neighborhood Theatre Initiative which   his wife, Gail and daughters LC and T.S.
      brings free professional theatre    for their constant and continuous
      productions to outdoor spaces       support, and he wants to be an artist
      throughout Newark. Presently, YTC is   when he grows up.
      the theatre in residence at Newark              Noreen Farley (Nancy) is
      Symphony Hall (NSH) and is currently            not making her debut in
      partnering with them and WACO                   this show, and certainly
      Theater Center in LA on a film                  hopes that it is not her
      adaptation of Richard Wesley's play             swan song. She doesn't
      Black Terror, directed by Richard               remember everything she
      Lawson. An accomplished educator,               has done, but some of the
      Andrew spent seven years as a history           Vivid Stage shows include
      teacher in the City of Newark. Building         Fuddy Meers, Anton in
      on his experience working closely with   Show Biz, Blood...A Comedy, The
      young Black and Brown men, Andrew   Outgoing Tide, Language Archives, and
      has delivered workshops on the impact   the one where Harriett T. turned into an
      of mentorship, curriculum           almond.
      diversification, creating inclusive
      classrooms as well as culturally                Gary Glor (Roy) is a
      relevant teaching practices for                 founding member of The
      educators throughout the country.               Theater Project, where
      Through dedication to his work in the           has appeared in
      arts and education, Andrew strives to           productions of Sunset
      amplify the voices of those that have           Park, Exit Strategy,
      historically been denied opportunity            Moonlight & Magnolias,
      and access, in turn, creating a more            Omnium Gatherum, The
      equitable, inclusive and vibrant                Skin of Our Teeth, Artist
      society.                            Descending a Staircase, and The Best
                                          of Enemies, among others. Off-
                 André DeSandies          Broadway: A Most Secret War, as well
                 (Doug) is delighted to be   as in productions at George Street
                 working again with the   Playhouse, Metropolitan Playhouse,
                 wonderful people here at   Hudson Classical Theater Company,
                 Vivid (formally          Buffalo’s Shakespeare in the Park, and
                 Dreamcatcher). He was    this very company for which he is
                 last seen here as        performing tonight. A proud member of
                 Abimbola in The Electric   Actors Equity, he is honored to be
                 Baby. Before that he
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