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working with Laura and company to    Presentation. She also co-stars in VS’s
    bring this intriguing new play to life.   web series (Together Apart) and guest
                Dave Maulbeck (Voice of   stars as Aminata/Customer for season
                Francisco) is an         two of Cocotazo Media’s audio fiction
                entertainment artist and   series, Timestorm
                member of the Screen     ( Assistant/
                Actors Guild and he      Directing credits include I Am The
                recently relocated back to   Gooseking by Ben Firke (The Tank),
                New York City after a multi  Valentine’s Day Cabaret: Kindred
                -year stint in Los Angeles.   Spirits (Vivid Stage), Portrait of the
                He has starred in several   Widow Kinski (Vivid Stage), and
    commercials, including the Super Bowl   Contagious Drama’s 2022 Evening of
    Ad, Groundhog Day, for truTV, and as   Short Plays. Daria wrote a one-act play
    the Polish Polisher for Burger King and
    with film credits include, the evil Dr.   (Somewhere in Between), which was
                                         produced at the University of Pittsburgh
    Wily in Megaman, and the main
    character Dracula Goes to Camp, Dave   as well as several short plays for
    is no stranger to the screen. In 2007   Contagious Drama’s 2022 Evening of
    Dave co-founded Chicken Scoop        Short Plays. She enjoys traveling and
    Productions where he executive       collaborating with artists from diverse
    produced several spec pilots, music   backgrounds and is especially
    videos, and web series. More recently   invigorated by stories centering Black
    he has been developing animation     women. You can learn more about
    projects with BEHIND the BAG!        Daria on her episode of Vivid Stage’s
    Productions, where he is co-creator and   Local podcast (Season 3; Episode 6).
    illustrator of The Kinetix, a comic book   Want to create together? Shoot her an
    series featuring high school superheroes   email at
    whose powers derive from their
    respective disabilities, which recently   Training: BA, University of Pittsburgh.
    reached full funding on Kickstarter. Dave       Laura Ekstrand
    is thrilled to be back and working with         (Director) is co-founder
    his dear friends at Vivid Stage.                and artistic director of
                Daria M. Sullivan                   Vivid Stage, formerly
                (Jennifer Evers) (she/her/          Dreamcatcher Rep. She is
                hers) is a NJ/NYC based             an actor, director,
                actor, director, writer,            playwright and teacher
                teaching artist, and arts           who has appeared on
                administrator. She is a             stages and screens for
                member of Vivid Stage’s   over 30 years. As an actor: Laura
                acting ensemble and      appeared at Vivid Stage in 101
    playwrights’ group (Dreamweavers), a   Humiliating Stories, Water in My
    member of Burn It Down/BiD (NYC film   Hands, Be Here Now, The Lucky Ones,
    collective), a Vira I. Heinz (VIH)   What Stays, Sister Play, and
    alumna, a Humanity in Action Senior   Motherhood Out Loud, among many
    Fellow, the Manager of Programs and   others, and is a member of the Flip
    Services for the New Jersey Theatre   Side improv comedy team. New Jersey
    Alliance, and the Managing Associate for   Theatre: Bickford Theatre, Centenary
    Vivid Stage. She co-produced and art   Stage, Luna Stage, Passage Theater,
    directed BiD’s short films, Variations and   Pushcart Players, The Theater Project,
    A Cure (respectively). Theatre credits   12 Miles West. New York Theatre:
    include Rapunzel (Regional - Byham   Naked Angels, Ensemble Studio
    Theater/Pittsburgh Cultural Trust), Soft   Theatre, and New Georges. Film:
    Animals (Vivid Stage), Water in My   American Zombieland, Split Ends, High
    Hands (Vivid Stage), Be Here Now     Art, I Shot Andy Warhol. Television:
    (Vivid Stage), and Unveiling Liberty   Hacks, Sex and The City, Law & Order,
    (Speranza Theatre Company). Daria    and The Guiding Light. As a director:
    originated the role of Samantha      Soft Animals, Twirl, Dead and Buried,
    Friedman in Lia Romeo’s The          Every Brilliant Thing, The How and the
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