Page 5 - NRCC Cycle Review Final
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“This cycle’s NRCC is far more aggressive than the last cycle’s, and Democrats are
still grappling with what to do about that.”
- Dave Weigel, The Washington Post.
“Socialism is a central tenet of the Republican playbook this cycle. You see it with the NRCC. In the House races they try it. I mean my goodness. Who’s not a socialist as far as the NRCC is concerned?”
- Chuck Todd, Meet the Press Daily
Built and enhanced more than 100 research books that detailed Democrat candidates’ vulnerabilities.
Republicans contested 423 of 435 districts (97.2%), exceeding the internal goal of at least 420 districts.
In total, 1,271 Republicans filed to run in primary elections this cycle.
94 women, 75 minorities, and 108 veterans advanced from their primaries or conventions to secure the Republican nomination for November.
90% of GOP members are signed up for WinRed.
Congressional candidates raised over $191 million on the platform not including the NRCC’s revenue.
The NRCC raised over $3.8 million for candidates in key races using upsells, an 1800% increase over the 2018 cycle.
The NRCC joined 27 lawsuits, achieving an 80% success rate and ensuring the integrity of our elections while successfully combatting Democratic overreach.
Put out more than 7,000 releases focusing on Democrats’ socialist agenda and support for toxic policies like defunding the police, the Green New Deal and government-run health care.
 The NRCC serves as a resource for campaigns all across the country, here’s a breakdown of what we did to help Republicans win.
 Tracked more than 7,600 Democrat candidate and member events.
Submitted over 1,000 FOIA requests to hold Democrats accountable.

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