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How do you see the Library growing and/or changing
       in the next few years?
       Julie: With respect to the Bartlett History Room and our Archives,
       the Preservation Committee is currently working on getting items
       digitized  so that  they are available  for  everyone worldwide. This
       is a big initiative, but the good news is we have already started
       the  process.  Plymouth  Public  Library  is  a  member  of  Digital
       Commonwealth, which allows us to send items to be digitized and
       uploaded onto their website. To date, we have had some of our
       most used collections – like Town Annual Reports and High School
       Yearbooks and some of our most delicate items, allowing us to direct
       patrons to the online version to better preserve our items in fragile
       condition. While the books in the Bartlett History Room have been
       cataloged, we continue to work on cataloging our Archives. Thanks
       to the Plymouth Public Library Foundation we recently purchased
       special scanners allowing us to scan books, objects, photographs and
       slides. We strive to make as much information as possible available
       to our patrons.  After all that is what libraries are all about – access!

       What is your background?
       Julie: I entered the world of Library work through a side door.
       My undergraduate degree is in History and Archaeology and my
       graduate degree is in Historic Preservation. I went on to specialize in
       Museum Management and spent 25 years working in historic house
       museums and running a preservation carpentry business. When my
       kids were little I took a job at the PPL as a part-time Page and fell in
       love with our Library and its mission. Within a year I moved into the
       Circulation Department and then on to the Reference Department
       when the previous historian retired.

       I understand the Preservation Committee organizes
       the wonderful rotating exhibits that can be found in
       the Technology Room on the first floor. What exhibits
       are planned for the coming months?

       Julie:  Our next exhibit will be focusing on a recent donation by
       the Crawley family. It’s a wonderful collection of letters, photos and
       scrap books covering the time when David M. Crawley, Plymouth
       architect, served in WWII. We are hoping to have this exhibit installed
       by mid-October, in time for Veteran’s Day.

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