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                                                                     Intertronics launches precision microdispensing
                                                                     system for jetting liquids and pastes
                                                                     Adhesives specialist Intertronics now supplies the
                                                                     Vermes Microdispensing System (MDS)
                                                                     1560, an easy-to use, cost effective jetting
                                                                     valve for a wide range of viscosities,
                                                                     including solder pastes. The product is based
                                                                     on Dynamic Shockwave Technology (DST), a
                                                                     revolutionary pneumatic actuator technology, which optimises
                                                                     the valve’s yield to achieve more precise dispensing. Able to
                                                                     dispense very small amounts in rapid succession, the consistent actuation
                                                                     power delivers high precision, even at the smallest dispense stroke. The
                                                                     Vermes MDS 1560 dispenses small volumes of material at fast speeds with
                                                                     accuracy and repeatability, including onto 3D surfaces. It offers a high clock
                                                                     frequency (around 500Hz) and dispensed shot sizes down to around 1nl.
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                                                                              SKF reveals Silent Series ball bearings for spindles

                                                                              The Silent Series super-precision angular contact ball
                                                                              bearings have been developed in direct response to key
                                                                              issues faced by manufacturers of machine tool spindles. They
                                                                                   identified that minimising noise and vibration levels
                                                                                   during operation was key to improving confidence in
                                                                                   the performance of their spindles. Bearing cages in
                                                                                   lower-speed spindles can make rattling noises during
                                                                                   rotation. This is normal, but can be mistaken for a
                                                                                   sign that something is wrong with the spindle or its
                                                                                   components. Rudolf Groissmayr, product line manager
                                                                                   at SKF says: “The SKF Silent Series feature a new
                                                                                   and innovative polyamide cage centred on the balls
                                                                                   that minimises this ‘cage rattling’ during rotation. Their
                                                                                 silent operation increases the confidence of the end-user
                                                                     in the quality of spindles.”
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                                                                     Size 6 brushless slotted DC
                                                                     motors for arthroscopic applications

                                                                     Motors for arthroscopic applications need to be tightly packaged and offer
                                                                     minimal vibration to achieve lightweight, ergonomic designs – a challenge
                                                                     answered by the latest cannulated Brushless DC motors from Portescap.
                                                                     The release of three new cannulated surgical motors for arthroscopic
                                                                     applications offers engineers a solution with low vibration, high efficiency
                                                                     and a proven ability to withstand 1,000+ sterilisation cycles – as well as
                                                                     exposure to saline and other foreign materials. The new Portescap motors
                                                                     are lightweight with low noise and vibration to maximise tactile response
                                                                     and surgeon control in the most delicate of surgeries.
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