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Servo Motion

             For Network Connectivity

          Sigma-7 Series

          Increased throughput - Superior Control - Outstanding Quality

          Sigma-7 servo drives feature a host of cost-saving functions ensuring high overall equipment efficiency,
          easy implementation, commissioning and use. Additional functions such as vibration suppression reduce stress
          on machine parts, significantly improving control performance.

          Take a closer look and discover the limitless possibilities of these incredibly powerful and adaptable servo drives.

          ●  Compact, high-performance, embedded Connectivity Profinet EtherCat and more.
          ●  Available in 200 V (50W - 18kW) and 400 V (500W - 15kW).
          ●  Designed for increased throughput with auto-tuning reducing setting time down to 4ms.
          ●  Superior control thanks to 24 Bit resolution encoders combined with 3.1 kHz control loop.
          ●  Improved quality with vibration suppression, power ripple compensation for higher precision and smoother
            edges of machined parts.

          Find out more at:

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