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                                                                                            The nanoScan3 safety laser scanner from Sick enables
                                                                                            the highest level of responsiveness when safely adjusting
                                                                                            a machine’s speed and direction   PAGE 27


         ELECTRIC MOTORS ON TEST                                          22

         EDF Energy is using dynamic motor test equipment from SKF to monitor the
         condition of key components at Hartlepool power station, helping to improve the
         reliability of plant, which is scheduled to continue running until 2024

                                                                        CONTROLLING ENERGY FLOW

                                                                        In the recently developed EnWheel flywheel energy storage units from German
                                                                        company Stornetic, Combivert F6 drive controllers from KEB control the energy flow
                             SERVO SABOTAGE                             together with specially developed sine-wave filters

                             the 8 best ways to consistently sabotage or damage
                             your coupling driven system, and how to avoid them
                                                                        10       the cost to industry of the Brexit delays over the past three years, and
                             in the future                  PAGE 24              A report from MakeUK in partnership with Squire Patton Boggs highlights
                                                                                 warns that we are not out of the woods yet

         06       The era of Industry 4.0 means that today’s engineers need the  14  Mike Page explains why thin section bearings should be on every design
                  knowledge and confidence to use technical tools and software, as well
                                                                                 engineer’s radar where space is tight, weight saving is required and
                                                                                 where the tolerances are extreme
                  as possessing other digital credentials
         08       Following a customer request to trial an RF wireless electronic position  16  A new machine has been hailed as revolutionising the world of 3D
                  indicator system, machinery manufacturer WestRock Linkx has now
                                                                                 printing. Key to the operation of the innovative machine are linear slides
                  adopted the system as a standard option across its range
                                                                                 from HepcoMotion

                                      LINEAR MOTION

                                      IKO Nippon Thompson is a specialist  CON
                                      in the manufacture and sales of
                                      precision positioning tables, needle
                                      bearings and linear motion guides –
                                      perhaps the best kept secret in linear
                                      motion and positioning

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