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The worldwide
                                                                                                     number 1 supplier of
                                                                                                      power transmission

                                                                           Torque Limiters 0,1 to 500,000Nm
                                                                           Safety Brakes 2 to 5000Nm
                                                                           Shaft Couplings to 110,000Nm

                                                                                  EAS -Compact  ®
       devices.  The  motors  have  low  noise  and  vibration,  Choosing the best
       meaning less discomfort for the patient. Their long, thin  micromotors is crucial to
       design makes them ideal for lightweight precision tools,  producing a high quality,
       allowing  dentists  to  work  without  fatigue  or  impairing  reliable dental device. EMS
       their access to the patient. Their low inertia and clogging  is the sole UK provider of
       free movement allows precise control, resulting in easier  the Faulhaber precision                  ROBA-stop -silenzio ®
       and more successful dental treatment.    motor range which includes
         Patient care is at the heart of dentistry. In order to  the Faulhaber BHx 1645                     “Design in Mayr”
       lessen  patient  discomfort,  advanced  dental  tools  mean  and 1660 brushless motor
       shorter  appointment  times  and  more  precise  delivery.  series, specially tailored for                 01535 663900
                                                                                  ROBA -DS (steel)
       Choosing advanced micromotors can ensure better and  handheld tools and devices             
       faster dental treatment for patients, helping to get rid                                   
       of that painful toothache.                                          Torque Limiters    Safety Brakes    Shaft Couplings

                                                                           NEW STOBER
                                                                              EAN MO
                                                                           LEAN MOTOROR

                                                                           30% More  e
                                                                           30% Mor
                                                                           Cost Ef cient
                                                                           Cost Ef cient
                                                                           Than A Synchronous Motor
                                                                           Than    A  S ynchr   onous Mo       tor
                                                                           •  Smaller, lighter with same output
                                                                           •  More design freedom, easy to  t
                                                                           •  Excellent accelera on, faster processes
                                                                           •  High IE5 E ciency (up to 96%)

                                                                           •  Future-proof design for longer life

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