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Indexing Chain Conveyor System

       KJN LAUNCHES                                                          nterlink machining stations cost efficiently
                                                                             Sturdy system, total load capacity of up to 700 kg
                                                                             Flexible modular designs, variable lengths
       NEW ONLINE SHOP                                                      & widths possible

           nyone  looking  for  aluminium
           profiles  and  accessories  should
       Avisit  the  new  online  shop
       launched  by  KJN.  With  an  improved
       design  and  layout,  and  enhanced
       functionality, you can view orders, track
       your  order,  look  at  the  history  of  your
       ordering and reorder any given parts.
         The  site’s  new  layout  is  more
       intuitive  and  user-friendly,  while  the
       enhanced  functionality  makes  the
       ordering process more streamlined and
       efficient. Among the new functions, as  prices  in  the  UK.  Large  volumes  are
       well as ordering profiles cut to length,  held in stock and there is no minimum
       you can now also order them drilled for  order charge. KJN can also offer a vast
       ease of joining.             range  of  high  quality  components  at
         KJN  continually  updates  the  site  extremely  low  prices  to  complement
       with new products, and a full catalogue  your aluminium profile.
       is available to download. You can also  Along  with  its  existing  BR  profile
       download  engineering  drawings  to  aid  range  which  is  compatible  with  the
       with design.                 Bosch  Rexroth  profile,  KJN  also  now
         The  company  offers  customers  a  has  a  new  range  called  the  IR  range,
       high quality aluminium profile with an  which is compatible with Item profile.                             mk Profile Systems Limited
                                                                                                                       a company of the
       anodised  finish  at  highly  competitive                 mk Technology Group
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