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                                                                                   Ultra-compact servo motors from
                                                                                     Motec have integrated drives
                                                                                      A new range of ultra-compact servo
                                                                                     motors with integrated drives has been
                                                                                launched by Motor Technology. The new Mack-
                                                                               Tron motors, manufactured by Axor Industries,
                                                                             have been designed to satisfy the demands for
                                                                        quick and simple cabling with an excellent performance to
                                                               size ratio. Ideally suited for decentralised applications, the ultra-compact
                                                               format allows for installation where space is at a premium or where the
                                                               machine design benefits from the motor being out of sight. Despite their
                                                               compact size the new motors offer a wide range of features, such as a
                                                               hybrid cable for power and signal connections, 8 pole motors up to
                                                               400W and STO Safe Torque Off.
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                                                               2-pole safety relay with power
                                                               contacts on NO and NC side
                                                               for increased flexibility
                                                               With a height of only 7.8mm
                                                               and reflow soldering capability,
                                                               SFM 2-pole safety relay from
                                                               Panasonic provides great design possibilities
                                                               and is ready for future production processes. With
                                                               forcibly guided contacts according to EN61810-3, the SFM offers power
                                                               contacts on both NO (6A) and NC (4A) side to control loads like valves
                                                               directly without another relay in between. Contrarywise, the silver alloy
                                                               contacts can handle low level loads down to 10V 1mA as well to
                                                               support the likes of signalling boards in the railway sector. Other features
                                                               include shock resistance greater than 20g.
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                                                                              Single  axis servo motor controller
                                                                              brings Industry 4.0 technology to you

                                                                              The Arcus TITAN–SVH-ETH from LG Motion is a
                                                                              single axis servo motor controller with advanced
                                                                              feedback and is able to drive most types of servo
                                                                              motors. TITAN combines advanced servo control
                                                                              functions with what LG Motion says is a first-of-its-
                                                                              kind motion Edge Intelligence solution called
                                                                              2ndSight. In addition to executing its core servo
                                                               motion control functions, TITAN is able to perform complex machine
                                                               learning, smart analytics, and comprehensive monitoring to achieve a
                                                               truly intelligent motion system for the emerging Industry 4.0 market. The
                                                               controller offers universal application with most types of servo motors,
                                                               including stepper, brushless servo, linear, shaft, DC and voice coil.
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