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                                                   ISO 9001
                                                [         ]                                                             s     ®
                                                  IATF 16949
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         Remove bottlenecks

         and simplify your



         Make your adhesive and dispensing processes more                 The motion plastics  e ect: longer service life
                                                                          and a reduction in costs ...
         productive with process-optimising materials & systems             ...and  always  at  least  one  of  the  two:  this  is  the  goal  of  all  igus

                                                                          products. Tribo- plastics for motion, e cient production, and logistics,
         •   Improve speed and accuracy   •   Get fast, homogenous mixtures   provide  over  200,000  customers  with   “cost  down,  life  up”  benefits.

          of dispensing with dedicated   of liquids, powders and pastes   The igus  range includes fl exible energy supply systems with special
          dispensing robots           with mixing and degassing           dynamic  cables,  and  tribological  engineering  components  such  as
         •   Reduce work in progress with   machines                      plain bearings, ball bearings, linear systems, 3D printed parts. All igus
          fast UV light curing materials  •   Achieve more consistent      products are available ex stock, and the life can be easily calculated
         •   Improve process simplicity with    bonding results with plasma   online.
          process-convenient materials   surface treatment                              Caswell Road
          packaging                                                       igus ®
                                                                   NN4 7PW Northampton   Phone 01604 677240
         Could you reach your productivity potential by improving some
         of these areas?
        01865 842842
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