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         Mark Simms BSc                           Tel: 01732 773268
         Regional Director (Home Counties & South East)
         Mark West                                   Tel: 020 8467 3613  A JOKER IN THE PACK, BUT
         Regional Sales Manager (Midlands)             STILL A LOSING HAND
         David Harman                               Tel: 01772 462596
         Regional Sales Manager (North of England, Scotland & Wales)  ust when we’d all breathed a collective sigh of relief that Brexit
         Jan Anderson                                Tel: 01978 314730  was finally behind us and we could get on with the day jobs, the
                                         posturing  has  started  up  again.  First  battleground  for  the  trade
                                                      Jnegotiations,  it  seems,  will  be  fishing,  with  Europe  insisting
                                                      that it must have access to British waters for fishing, and Number
         Eisenacher Medien                  Tel: +49 228-2499860
                                                      10  adamant  that  the  interests  of  British  fishermen  will  not  be
                                                      sacrificed in any negotiations.
         Overseas                                        What this early tit for tat signals to me is that it’s going to pretty
         George Bennett MA               Tel: + 44 161 374 5615  stormy sailing for the next 10 months, with everything to play for
                                                      but nobody prepared to give any ground. France in partiuclar has
         Special Projects                             warned the UK to expect a bruising battle. Both sides seem to feel
         Steve Brotherton                           Tel: 01625 268585  they’re holding the winning hand – the one that says “they’ve got
                                                   more to lose that we have.” But surely these are both losing hands if
                                                      it means no eventual trade deal is struck. Europe is by far our biggest
                                                      trading partner, worth a total of £642bn in 2018, almost exactly half
         Press Releases:
                                                      of what we did with the rest of the world put together.
         Advertising Copy:
                                                         Let’s look at some of the big areas in that ‘rest of the world’
         Head Office: Victoria House, 2 Mornington Road
         Sale, Cheshire M33 2DA                       bracket where we’re doing significant trade. According to the ONS,
         Email:        UK exports to the US totalled in £123bn in 2018, while imports
         Circulation Department: PO Box 85, Sale M33 2BB  were to the tune of £78bn. Exports to China totalled £45bn, with
         Email:      imports of £42bn. That’s not far off the exports in Europe from the
                                                      UK to France, Germany and the Netherlands.
                                                         The UK has begun negotiating trade deals, and to date has 20
         Email: Tel: 0161 374 5615
                                                      deals  in  place  covering  50  countries  or  territories.  If  that  sounds
         As a controlled circulation journal, Industrial Technology is sent free  encouraging,  consider  that  they  are  with  countries  such  as  Kosovo,
         of charge to individuals in the UK who meet the terms and  Tunisia,  Lebanon,  the  Pacific  Islands  and  the  Faroe  Islands,  and
         conditions of the publishers. To apply for free regular copies, write to  represent just 8% of total UK trade. There’s a long way to go before those
         the Circulation Department. To those not meeting the terms and
                                                      sorts of trade deals make any sort of dent on what we stand to lose from
         conditions, the magazine is available on UK subscription at a cost of
         £90 per year (10 issues). Single copies are £9. Overseas
         subscriptions (airmail) are as follows: Rest of Europe including Eire  So my thought is this. Most definitely there are national interests in
         £140 (single copies £14); USA $220 (single $22); Rest of the  Europe just as there are in the UK, and perhaps the posturing is just part of
         World £170 (single copies £17).
                                                      the game. But there are no winners if a trade deal is not struck. Perhaps
                                                      once we realise that we all have far too much to lose, we can get down
          Printing & production by Pensord Press, Blackwood, Wales
                                                      to the serious work of agreeing what we all so desperately need.
                                                      Mark Simms
            Industrial                                Editor


               he 2020 UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and  facets of machine vision. In 2020 we plan to take this a  Chris  Valdes,  UKIVA  event  organiser,  said:  “Many
               Exhibition will take place on 14 May 2020 at  stage  further  by  opening  the  afternoon  session  with  a  visitors in previous years have commented on how much
               the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. With year  discussion forum, where a panel of leading experts will  they like the format of this event. The exhibition features
         Ton year growth since its inception in 2017, the  answer questions about any aspect of machine vision.”  a  world-class  cross  section  of  manufacturers,  vision
         event  is  rapidly  becoming  a  fixture  in  the  industry’s  The previous events have attracted many who were  component  and  system  distributors  and  systems
         calendar. While the event will follow a similar format to  keen  to  explore  the  latest  developments  in  vision  in  integrators. With the conference theatres located around
         previous  years,  with  a  comprehensive  program  of  addition to large numbers of people who wanted to learn  the exhibition there is plenty of opportunity both to see
         technical  seminars  supported  by  an  exhibition  from  more about the fundamentals of vision technology. The  some of the latest vision products and to network with
         leading  companies  in  the  industry,  a  new  panel  Conference  will  cover  the  key  issues  such  as:  deep  industry experts.”
         discussion session is being included for the first time.  learning and embedded vision, vision and robotics, 3D  Details of the 2020 Conference program as well as
           UKIVA  chairman  Allan  Anderson  explained:  “This  ision, optics and illumination, vision Innovation, camera  information  about  the  panel  discussion  forum  and  the
         event  has  always  been  characterised  by  providing  a  technology  and  systems  and  applications,  as  well  as  exhibition will be published on the conference website at
         platform  where  visitors  can  learn  about  many  different  understanding vision technology.

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