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                                                                                            Advances in the component compressed air reductions
                                                                                            that are now available can have significant impact to the
                                                                                            use and costs attributable to this utility  PAGE 18




         Deep learning has the potential to revolutionise a broad range of industries by
         offering increasingly accurate predictive capabilities with little to no human

                                                                        RELIEF FOR DENTAL PATIENTS

                                                                        To improve reliability and efficiency, dentists benefit from motors that are smaller,
                                                                        more lightweight and able to get the job done faster. These factors are extremely
                             UNIVERSAL TOOL                             important when delivering effective care

                             Linear motion systems and energy chains from Igus
                             are key in the development of the world’s first
                                                                        12       conveyor chain, with attachments, should consider the benefits of spin
                             universal torque wrench calibration machine  PAGE 9  Alec Annand recommends that all engineers specifying custom designed
                                                                                 riveting as an option due to the extra side plate security it provides

         06       Optimism is up among the UK’s manufacturers, but scratch below the  20  Festo has expanded its range of servo drives with the introduction of the
                  surface of the data and businesses are still struggling. We look at the
                                                                                 CMMT-ST. Complementing the existing CMMT-AS, this new servo drive is
                  latest CBI survey
                                                                                 equally reliable but much more compact and economical
         08       A new range of ultra-compact servo motors with integrated drives has  24  Stober is supplying Stäubli with additional axes that enable the robot
                                                                                 manufacturer to configure their multi-axis robots with even more dynamic
                  been designed to satisfy the demands for quick and simple cabling
                  with an excellent performance to size ratio
                                                                                 options for precise, high-speed tasks

                                      LINEAR MOTION

                                      IKO Nippon Thompson is a specialist  CON
                                      in the manufacture and sales of
                                      precision positioning tables, needle
                                      bearings and linear motion guides –
                                      perhaps the best kept secret in linear
                                      motion and positioning

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