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         The Power of Storytelling:                           Colleges and Universities

         Elizabeth Broderick                                  of the Anglican Communion
         on Leadership

          Students were captivated as                         The Board of the Colleges and Universities of the Anglican
          former Sex Discrimination                           Communion (CUAC) meet at Janet Clarke Hall as CUAC
          Commissioner Elizabeth                              sponsored the Rowan Williams Lecture at Trinity College (at
          Broderick AC told stories                           which former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd spoke on the
          of the people who had                               politics and theology of climate change).
          influenced her own thoughts
          on leadership during her years
          in the role. As she reflected
          on the people she had met
          from all walks of life during
          her years at the Australian
          Human Rights Commission,
          Ms Broderick talked of the
          social, financial and political
          realities that keep women from
          achieving economic or social empowerment despite their
          lifetime of service to their communities.  Yet, as she noted,
          their own vision and power to change their lives was cause for
          great hope.
                                                              From left to right:  back row Dr Powell and Jenny Smith,
          The audience was left with some clear goals and genuine   CUAC Trustee the Right Rev’d Martin Wharton CBE, Rev’d
          inspiration as Ms Broderick offered some challenges for us   Samuel Dow, Chaplain of Trinity College second row:  Dr
          all.  Among them: employ the power of personal narrative to   Philip Dutton, Principal of Burgmann College the Australian
          challenge entrenched biases. Remember that everyone brings   National University, CUAC President the Rev’d Dr Robert
          a ‘backpack’ with their own history and assumptions to any   Derrenbacker, Vice-Chancellor of Thorneloe University, CUAC
          conversation, and be mindful to treat this with respect.  In   General Secretary the Rev’d Canon James Callaway third
          the face of national and global injustices that might seem   row:  May Dunn Scholar and 2016 Student Club President Ms
          overwhelming ‘do what you can, when you can – that’s how   Shani Brampton, Vera Moore Scholar and 2016 Student Club
          you change the world’.                              Vice-President Kelsey Hayes, Mrs Valerie Dutton, Mrs Marlene
                                                              Wharton, Vice-Principal Ms Fiona Cadorel, the Rev’d Jennifer
                                                              Wilsher, Head of St Martin’s College Charles Sturt University
         In Conversation:
         Tim Fischer on Sir John Monash

          In the centenary year of Anzac, it was appropriate that
          perhaps Australia’s most famous soldier, Sir John Monash,
          was the subject of an enlivening and at times passionate ‘In
          Conversation’ from one of Australia’s most interesting politicians
          and speakers, former leader of the National Party and Deputy
          Prime Minister the Hon. Tim Fischer AC.  Drawing from his
          extensive knowledge of Monash’s military career and postwar
          achievements (including Monash’s service as Vice-Chancellor
          of the University of Melbourne) Tim argued with customary
          passion and persuasion that Monash suffered, on more than one
          occasion, from anti-Semitism.   This held back his progress, Tim
          suggested – even as Monash’s military brilliance redefined the    Archbishop Freier, Tim Fischer, Margie Richardson
          techniques of all-arms combat in battles such as Hamel, spelling
          the defeat of Germany and enshrining the reputation of the              Tim wearing his JCH tie
          First AIF.

          Are Monash’s achievements at risk of being ignored or perhaps
          forgotten?  Tim Fischer believes that as Australia’s greatest
          citizen General, ‘Maestro’ John Monash would be appropriately
          honoured with posthumous promotion to the rank of Field
          Marshal of the Australian Army, joining Sir Thomas Blamey (and
          Prince Philip) in holding this rank.  For alumni and friends of the
          College, it was impossible not to be swept along by Tim Fischer
          as he brought Sir John Monash to life.

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