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                                                            Holman Hall

                                                            JCH Alumna Honoured

                                                            Prof Mollie Holman AO (1950,
                                                            1930-2010), physiologist, achieved
                                                            renown for her contribution to
                                                            research and development in
                                                            her field and most especially
                                                            for her pioneering work in
                                                            neurophysiology. Her remarkable
                                                            international reputation as a
                                                            researcher led to her appointment
          Mr Alan Reid and Mrs Janet Reid OAM with Reid Scholars   in 1970 to a Personal Chair in Physiology, a position she held
          Emma Morrison and Ruby Jacobs                     until her retirement from Monash University in 1996.
          Announcing the                                    Holman Hall which recently opened at Monash is named in her

          Janet Reid (Malley)                               honour and in recognition of the special care for and interest in
                                                            her students that she showed throughout her career.
          Scholarships                                      JCH alumna, Elizabeth Meredith (1950) attended the opening

         We are delighted to announce that in 2016, thanks to the   of Holman Hall and has fond memories of her friend.  She
         generous support of the Reid Malley Foundation, the College is  reflects:
         able to award two new scholarships that will assist two worthy
         students to continue their residency at JCH.         Moll and I were at school together at Merton Hall. We had
                                                              Dorothy Ross, a forward thinking educator, as our Principal
         Janet Reid (Malley) was a resident of the College from    during that time. She created the first SRC in Victoria and we
         1960-64, during which time she completed her first degree BA   were warmly encouraged to develop social responsibility.
         (Hons). In 2015 she and her husband, Allan Reid, contacted
         the College offering $20,000 annually for three years to fund   We went on to do first year Medicine (+ Maths) at Mildura
         scholarships for 2016, 2017 and 2018.                University during that post-war period of overflow. This
                                                              was interesting because we mixed with the mature returned
         In 2016 the inaugural Janet Reid (Malley) Scholarships have   servicemen… I think we coped better than some of the girls,
         been awarded to Ruby Jacobs and Emma Morrison, both of   but when we came to JCH the following year as science
         whom come from regional Victoria.                    students we went into culture shock! Suddenly we needed
                                                              PERMISSION to go out, and paper work for being out after
         Ruby entered JCH in 2015 to study for the Bachelor of Arts   10 pm, and some sort of character reference for any man we
         and has made a remarkable contribution to the life of the   might be accompanying!
         community, through singing in the College Choir and at
         various other events throughout the year, and sitting on sub-  From Melbourne, Moll won a scholarship to Oxford. We
         committees including the Wine and Cheese Society.  She   travelled overseas together by ship and continued to have fun
         was also active in the sporting life of the College through   as we toured Europe and the U.K. Visiting Moll at Oxford,
         rowing, table tennis and athletics. Her varied contributions   I looked at a large and complex oscilloscope she was using.
         were honoured through a College Service Award and she was   ‘How did she manage it?’ ‘That’s ok,’ she said, ‘I made it’.
         nominated by the Principal to attend a Future Rural Leaders
         program run by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust. Ruby   Moll went on to become the second woman scientist to
         was elected by her peers to serve as their representative and   be named Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.
         Student Observer on the College Council for 2016.    Moll was much loved by her sisters’ young families and mine.
                                                              She particularly influenced my physicist son, John, linking
         Emma also entered College in 2015 to study for the Bachelor   him among others to the then young Dr Alan Finkel (recently
         of Arts with a concurrent Diploma in Music, focussing upon   named Australia’s Chief Scientist), who became
         clarinet, requiring her to undertake 10 subjects instead of the   his mentor.
         usual eight. Emma credits ‘the positive environment at JCH’ for
         assisting her to undertake successfully these combined studies,
         thereby allowing her to continue pursuing clarinet at a tertiary
         level.  Emma was very active in the College community
         representing the College in soccer, softball, and hockey,
         serving as a College Fire Warden, representing the Student
         Club in intercollegiate music competitions, and assisting with
         the College Play.

         We congratulate Ruby and Emma on their well-deserved
         scholarship awards and join them in expressing our sincere
         gratitude to Janet and Allan Reid and their Reid Malley   Monash University names new residential hall in honour of
         Foundation.                                        Mollie Holman

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