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Council News

         From the Chair of Council

         2015 saw two very different projects come to fruition. The
         opening of  Margaret Henderson House in June provided the
         opportunity to honour an outstanding alumna, Dr Margaret
         Henderson. Tucked discreetly between Scantlebury Wing
         and the tennis court, its flexible spaces have successfully
         been used for a variety of functions – notably Margaret
         Henderson’s own 100th birthday party, as well as regular
         tutorials, the shooting of a student video, and the Fellows’
         Lunch.  Sun streaming through its north-facing windows and
         views to Ormond College and the JCH tennis court make it an   Margie Richardson presenting College Scholarships at
         attractive, welcoming and versatile space.  Council’s strategic   Commencement Dinner
         emphasis on Janet Clarke Hall remaining a small College, with
         a strong sense of community as well as academic excellence,   particularly valued. Professor Ruth Fincher AM – both she
         has been assisted by the increased facilities provided by   and her daughter alumnae of the College – was an ex-officio
         Margaret Henderson House, after the College’s extensive   appointment of the Academic Board of the University from
         tutorial programme had begun to spill over into any spare   1999, and brought insights of the University from her varied
         corners available in recent years.                  roles there as Professor, Faculty Dean and President of the
                                                             Academic Board. She chaired Council from 2008 to 2011 at a
                                Then in December, just before   time when the College was strengthening its strategic ties with
                                the College closed down for   the University.  Jane Tribe’s period on Council was shorter but
                                the Christmas break, a new   deeply valued for her legal expertise and attention to issues of
                                Constitution was adopted,    governance as well as her brief role as Acting Vice-Principal
                                replacing the 1961 Articles of   during the Principal’s sabbatical.
                                Association that had defined
                                JCH’s legal separation from   We are delighted with two Council appointments made at
                                Trinity College. In line with   the end of the year. Professor Julie Willis, Pro-Vice Chancellor
                                modern governance practice, a
                                smaller Council of between eight
                                and twelve members replaces
                                the previous seventeen-member
                                Council. The number of Council
                                meetings will increase. Terms
         Fiona Cadorel, Barry   of office for Council members
         O’Connor, Doreen       are more clearly defined –
         Rosenthal, Jenny Ross,   three-year terms, with the
         Margaret Henderson at the   possibility of reappointment
         Henderson House ‘drop in’  for two further terms, though
         with some flexibility.  Whilst Anglican representation reduces
         proportionally with the smaller Council, Janet Clarke Hall’s
         identity as an Anglican College is affirmed.
                                                             Paul Turner, Elizabeth Broderick, David Rosenthal, Doreen
         In 2015 Council farewelled with regret two members   Rosenthal, Donna Davies, Margie Richardson
         who had served the College faithfully for far longer than
         the new regulations will permit! Tim Thwaites, a Council   (Research) and Professor of Architecture at the University of
         member for over 28 years, was Deputy Chair for his last   Melbourne, moves from being an ordinary Council member
         nine years. Amongst the first intake of male students in   to become an appointment of the Academic Board of the
         1973, Tim provided a strong tie with alumni and past   University. Stephen Higgs, recently retired as Headmaster
         Principals. His expertise as a writer and communicator was   of Ballarat Grammar, will join Council as an appointment of
                                                             the Archbishop of Melbourne. Stephen is an old friend of the
                                                             College, having attended Leadership Dinners with his students
                                                             over many years.

                                                             Council, always a lively and thoughtful body, is delighted
                                                             that the College continues to thrive and attract outstanding
                                                             students under Dr Powell’s leadership.

                                                             Margie Richardson
                                                             Chair of Council

          Tony Wood, Jenny Smith, Pera Wells

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