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                                  After an outstanding HOTO with SSgt Tatton, who has now joined the Australian Army, I finally got my feet under the desk at 24 Cdo RE. This has always been an aspiration of mine to serve with a Commando Unit in 3 Cdo Bde since leaving CTCRM. The Unit operates at an incredibly high tempo with 4 Sqns – 59 Cdo Sqn, 54 Cdo Sqn and 56 Cdo HQ and Support Sqn and 131 Cdo Sqn Reserves. With Sqns aligned to LRG(North) focusing on Norway and Arctic Warfare Environment and LRG(South) focusing on Belize and the Jungle environment. The Unit also has a commitment to the APT(N) in the Caribbean where they take on the task of Humanitarian Relief and support local communities by building bridges, wells and roads. Incredible stuff from a Unit with less than 350 personnel!
The Commando Speed March is a 6.7- mile Speed March from Spean Bridge Train Station to Achnacarry House carrying 16kg in a bergan in 60mins or less. This is the original Commando Test that Commando Volunteers in 1942 had to endure to start Commando Training. Straight off the train, they had 60 minutes to reach the gate otherwise it is goodbye and back to the train station! This test is now run annually with teams from around the UK and abroad taking part in this iconic and historical event. The 10-man
SSgt (SSI) M Kirkbright RAPTC and Sgt (SI) O Dales RAPTC
 team, led by SSgt Kirkbright made the 12hr drive to Fort William to tackle the event. This year saw 24 Cdo RE take 3rd place overall, with Capt Jenkins 2IC 59 Cdo Sqn taking 1st place with an outstanding time of 46:20! With the Commanding Officer in the team, the Unit took the opportunity to pay homage to the original Commandos with an outstanding photograph at this incredible location.
In Mar 23, the Unit were fortunate enough to be granted a new Gym Facility courtesy of Maj (MAA) B Dupree RAPTC. The RUUB Shelter was delivered and constructed with Beaverfit kitting out the gym with 8 x Squat Racks, over 200kg
of Kettlebells and dumbbells and a few Rowers and Ski Ergs for good measure! With the Unit’s commitment to 3 Cdo Bde it goes without saying, the soldiers need to be fit and robust. With the already incredible converted hanger gym, the new facility really is the cherry on top to allow our soldiers to reach their maximum potential physically with effective delivery of the APTS.
It’s been another great year for our inflow of Commando Sappers. Sgt Dales has done a fantastic job in preparing future Commando Sappers for the All Arms Commando Course (AACC), over this period he has created a structured block training pathway to ensure the best possible preparation for Commando Volunteers. Additionally, he has established and managed a rehab troop with a noticeable reduction of injured serving personnel within 24 Cdo RE.
Commando Speed March Memorial
New Gymnasium

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