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  1Signal Regiment (1 Sig Regt) are situated in Swinton Bks, Perham down, they have endured a busy
year delivering Regimental, Brigade and Divisional Exercises around the world, they have also been adapting to new communication equipment and a new location.
With the arrival of 1 & 15 Signal Regiment to Swinton Bks, the areas were limited. Funding was secured to uplift the old gymnasium that had been out of action for some time. After a full uplift from Origin Fitness and Technogym, the camp now has 2 fully functioning facilities with the newest being the Strength and Conditioning Centre. This gave 1 and 15 Signal Regts an area to operate and deliver PD from.
The Unit has a great attitude towards Sports and AT, with some of the highest participation rates in the Div. AT Expeds have been conducted in South Africa, Malaysia, France and Spain as well as UK-based activities. The Regiment has had a very successful year on the sporting front too, I have been hugely impressed by the level of dedication and
Regimental MTB Event
SSgt (SSI) D Winter RAPTC
 enthusiasm towards sport alongside a busy Forecast of Events (FoE). To thank the Regimental sporting personalities, the unit has organised a Sports & AT Awards Dinner Night. This will show appreciation to all those who represent the unit and give the junior members an experience of what it is like in the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess.
On a personal development level, I have had time to complete skiing qualifications that will aid me in conducting unit-led AT.
This is my first year with 1 Sig Regt and I look forward to the new experiences and challenges that lie ahead.
SSgt (SSI) Winter on top of a climb in Bavaria
New Strength and Conditioning Centre
   SSgt (SSI) Winter conducting Level 4 AT

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