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   13 Signal Regiment is just 3 years old, a mere toddler of a unit, realising this toddler needed a decent ‘toy set,’ one
of my main efforts was securing extra Physical Training Equipment (PTE) to vary the Physical Development (PD) that was being delivered prior to arrival. It is still work in progress, but with some logs, sleds and stretchers in my possession, the PD has a more ‘operational’ feel to it, which will be a reminder of days past for the troops whose average age is 38!
This unit is highly deployable and is the forefront of the Army’s Cyber Capability, which is held at a high state of readiness. Cyber capability is always evolving at a fast pace, which led to the unit being resubordinated to the new Cyber and Electro Magnetic Activities (CEMA) Effects Group in Dec 22. The resubordinating day consisted of various stands demonstrating the technical capability of the unit and culminated with a demonstration of its physical capability with an Inter Sqn Tug of War Competition. As the unit is the Army Tug of War Champions, there was a lot of talent on display, but with those Service Personnel (SP) in different squadrons, it was a highly competitive event.
This competitive disposition has continued throughout the year with the establishment of a new CO’s Cup competition consisting of ten events. There have been the usual activities such as football in Blandford and a March & shoot in a damp Sennybridge; but it has also included netball and orienteering which has meant people trying something
SSgt (SSI) S Caine RAPTC
different in the hope of highlighting new talent and having fun. The unit has talented SP in abundance, as well as ‘Team 13’ representing the Army in Tug of War, the unit has also had representatives in: Army Cycling, Snowboarding/ Skiing, Small Bore Shooting and Sailing. Furthermore, at UK Armed Forces (UKAF) level, participants in Cricket, Angling and Sailing.
On the AT side, the unit has managed to participate in Nordic Skiing in Austria, Alpine Skiing in France and the RSM acquired his Yacht Master qualification, which will likely see him barely doing his day job again! We have LCpl Wilberforce who as well as being on the Army Tug of War Team was a winner in the Royal Signals Photography Competition in the Sport & AT Category.
SSgt Caine & WO2 Brown; joint winners of Army Athletics Official of the Year.
I have continued to be involved with athletics coaching and officiating by seizing on a trip as the sprints coach for the Royal Signals Athletics Overseas Visit to Tenerife and officiating at Army Athletics and Regional Cross-Country events. To my surprise, I had been nominated and jointly won the Army Athletics Official of the Year.
Despite being a young unit with an aged demographic, it has been a productive year for 13 Signal Regiment in the PD realm. The next step is acquiring their own gym facility and thereafter watch as they develop their sporting and physical prowess even further; and prove that being neither young or old will affect them in establishing themselves in both the digital realm and further afield.
  CO’s Cup March & Shoot finale

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