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  ‘Train Recruits, Develop Instructors, Forge Soldiers.’ Throughout the past year the staff at ATR Winchester have delivered the Common Military syllabus 21 (CMS-21) to 8 intakes of recruits. There has been a slight dip in the number of recruits conducting training through Winchester which has afforded the opportunity for the Permanent Staff (PS) to participate in a variety of sport and AT activities. In addition to this they have also supported wider army commitments which have varied from recruiting to
overseas trawls.
P&RTC Team
2022 saw a big turn of the wheel for the P&RTC with a newly arrived MAA, Capt Slade-Jones and Sgts Westgate, Dalton and Quinn from the RAPTC Instructor Course. There was also a changeover of 8 out of the 15 PTIs on strength. The learning curve was steep having to jump right into the 14-week recruit training cycle which stops for no-one. Further changes within the P&RTC saw two (Cpl Hilton and Cpl Walmsley) selected for promotion to Sgt, and another two (Cpl Upton and Cpl Broadhurst) successfully complete the RAPTC Instructor Course. Whilst this did put some strain on the department it allowed new people to step into leadership roles and develop their skills as a PTI. Despite the change of faces, the P&RTC team continued to provide high quality recruit training alongside a variety of AT packages and sporting achievements.
Winchester Warrior Revamped
Towards the end of 2022, the P&RTC (spearheaded by Cpl Shortall, one of our AAPTIs) collaborated with the Training Wing to revamp the Winchester Warrior march and shoot competition. This
Sgt (SI) C Westgate RAPTC
 competition is held on week 14 of the recruit training programme, it comprises of a Tactical Advance to Battle (TAB), casualty evacuation and shooting serials. This is an Inter-Company competition, with each platoon vying for the fastest overall time. Recruits compete in their sections with their training team to complete the course as fast as possible resulting in a total time for the platoon. Whilst the competition involves a variety of PS, it would not be possible to execute this event without the AAPTIs who are instrumental in the set up and delivery.
Commanding Officer’s Cup
2022 saw the resumption of the CO’s Cup, an Inter-Company competition for the staff at Winchester. The CO wanted a variety of events which did not just test
physical capacity but also soldiering skills and Company administration. So far, the companies have battled for points in a swimming gala, E-Sports tournament, pace-sticking competition, shooting competitions and even a G1 audit. The competition is due to finish before summer leave with the next event being a debate. The P&RTC staff were vital in not only organising and delivering the swimming gala but also making up the majority of the Delhi Company team resulting in a 1st place finish.
ATR Winchester has managed to maintain interest and provide teams in X-country and track and field competitions over the past few years, and consistently produced results. In July a team of PS competed in
Athletics team (minor unit winners)
  BAWF South Region Event (Sgt Dalton)
Female X-Country team (overall competition winners)

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